Level 3 Diploma in Canine Hydrotherapy

This Level 3 Certificate in Canine Hydrotherapy is relevant for working in the canine hydrotherapy sector. The qualification is designed for learners that already have experience of working with dogs in an employed or voluntary capacity.

To achieve the Level 3 Certificate in Canine Hydrotherapy, learners are required to achieve a total of 31 credits, which is made up of credits from 9 mandatory units & credits from a minimum of 2 optional units. Theory course units are undertaken online through Moodle at the student's own pace.  Practical training & assessment takes place at satellite hydrotherapy centres based around the country & students must attend a 6 day placement.  

This qualification consists of a blend of theory and practical training that includes:

  • Common canine conditions and how problems may impact on devising an individual hydrotherapy treatment plan. 
  • The major elements of canine anatomy and physiology essential for the hydrotherapist.
  • Canine first aid and emergencies including how to undertake health checks.
  • The canine assessment processes for safe practice including evaluating the canine patient's suitability for hydrotherapy.
  • Practical administration of hydrotherapy for dogs - how to manage a dog during a hydrotherapy session.
  • Safe and effective water management.
  • Professional and ethical practice to optimise safe hydrotherapy practice.
  • Introduction to aquatic treadmill practice - an introduction to the basics of how to safely use an aquatic treadmill for canine hydrotherapy.
  • Canine Behaviour for clinical practice - understand the behaviour seen in a therapeutic setting.
  • Introduction to Canine Gait and Movement relative to the patient's day to day functional needs.  

As well as the theory, the Level 3 Certificate in Canine Hydrotherapy also includes a 6 day practical placement

The Level 3 Certificate in Canine Hydrotherapy is an Ofqual regulated qualification. When achieved, students will gain 31 Credits at Level 3. 

Entry requirements: Students must demonstrate previous experience with dogs. 

The minimum student age for access to this qualification is 19 years.

Level 3 Certificate in Canine Hydrotherapy

Unit  1

Introduction to Canine Hydrotherapy

Unit 2

Common Canine Conditions 

Unit 3

Canine Anatomy

Identify orthopaedic conditions, Identify medical conditions

Unit 4

Canine Physiology 

Identify the primary aims of first aid, Understand and manage different types of emergencies, Be able to apply First Aid to small animals

Unit 5

Canine Health Status and First Aid

Understand terminology used in hydrotherapy, Identify gait patterns, Evaluate normal and abnormal postures, Understand muscle contractions

Unit 6

Canine Assessment Processes 

Explain what is meant by hydrotherapy, Understand the properties of water, Identify the equipment used in hydrotherapy, Describe the intended outcomes of hydrotherapy

Unit 7

Practical Administration of Canine Hydrotherapy Treatment

Describe regular maintenance of hydrotherapy equipment, Explain how to administer water chemicals, Evaluate water test results

Unit 8

Water Manager

Be able to assess patients prior to treatment, Be able to prepare the environment for hydrotherapy treatment, Be able to prepare patients for hydrotherapy treatment, Be able to conduct hydrotherapy pool sessions

Unit 9

Professional and Ethical Practice 

Be able to operate an aquatic treadmill, Understand the factors affecting patients in the aquatic treadmill, Know patient suitability for the aquatic treadmill, Be able to create treadmill sessions for patients

Optional Units

Unit 10

Introduction to Aquatic Treadmill Practice 

Be able to conduct gait analysis, Know the equipment used for advanced aquatic TM techniques, Be able to apply advanced aquatic TM techniques, Be able to review patient performance

Unit 11

Canine Behaviour and Clinical Practice

Explain the importance of continual professional development, Describe professional conduct within a hydrotherapy centre, Explain the roles and responsibilities within a hydrotherapy centre, Understand hydrotherapy centre administration 

Unit 12

Introduction to Canine Gait and Movement

Identify the tissue healing processes, Describe factors affecting tissue healing, Identify types of pain, Explain timing of hydrotherapy in relation to tissue healing

Unit 13

Unit 14

Continued Professional Development

This course counts for ???  hours CPD

Level 3 Diploma in Small Animal Hydrotherapy

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