Feline Behaviour Course

 Level 2 Award in Feline Care and Behaviour

Course Fees:  £350

Ofqual Regulated Qualification: 603/4154/3

Animal Activity Licensing Regulations 2018 OFQUAL

Do you own or work in or own a  Boarding Cattery,  Pet sitting, or other related Cat Care Business ?

Defra has recently introduced a significant change with the Animal Activity Licensing (AAL) Regulations 2018.  This new legislation applies as from 1st October 2018 and affects Catteries, Cat breeding and Cat Pet Sitting businesses.

Licensing requires clear evidence of knowledge and experience or a minimum of an OFQUAL regulated level 2 qualification in a relevant subject. The new regulations take effect on renewal or if your business is being brought into the scope of licensing for the first time. 

This OFQUAL regulated qualification meets the new licensing requirements.

The OCN Awards Level 2 Award  Feline  Care and Behaviour Qualification is relevant for those wishing to expand their knowledge of basic cat  behaviour and welfare. This OFQUAL regulated qualification covers recognising and avoiding problem behaviour, recognising and interpreting feline body language and understanding the needs of cats.

On completion of the two units, learners will understand how to provide for a cat’s basic needs and prevent common health problems. 

OCN Awards Level 2 Award in Feline Care and Behaviour Qualification

Unit Summary

80 GLH

Unit 1 

Feline  Behaviour and First  Aid

When working with cats it is important to understand feline behaviour particularly in stressful environments. It is useful to be able to advise cat owners why their cat may displaying strange behaviour and how to deal with it. 

The second part of this unit will give the learner a good knowledge of the First Aid procedures that should be carried out if a cat is involved in an accident or sustains an  injury.

Unit 2 

Feline Health and Welfare

This unit provides students with a good grounding in cat health and how to identify signs of ill health. Students will also learn about nutrition for cats  and particularly  for geriatrics and kittens

This second part of the unit explores the subject of environmental enrichment and  how providing a good environment for a cat to live in, has a huge impact on their sense of well being. 

This unit also covers the importance of good hygiene to prevent spread of disease to cat and the carers. 

Minimum student age: 18

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