Animal Care Certificate

Animal Care Certificate Course (2 Days Practical)

Animal Care Certificate Course (2 Days Practical) 

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Animal Care Certificate

(Course cost is all inclusive of tutoring fees, assessments, materials and course registration)

Continued Professional Development

      This course counts for 16 hours CPD

Practical Animal Care Certificate
2 Day Course

  • This Animal Care Certificate course has been developed in order to give students and anyone wanting to get into the animal care sector a chance to gain some valuable practical work experience as well as a Certificate of Attendance which will enhance employment prospects.
  • There are no age limits for this course but under 16 yrs must be accompanied by an adult.
  • One nights accommodation and breakfast included in the price.
  • Approved City and Guilds Animal Care Training Centre
  • All staff are CRB checked
  • Location:  Lincolnshire

Day 1

Learn how to with clean, feed, handle and care for a variety of animals.

These include small mammals, horses, goats, reptiles and birds.

Day 2

The second practical day involves more hands-on training and learners complete several practical assignments.

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Free with this course 2 ebooks - over 600 pages of exclusive content - Volunteering with Animals and Working with Animals, compiled and written by the Animal Jobs Direct team of animal care professionals.


Course price includes tutoring, assessments, materials, certification, accommodation and breakfast.

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The relationship between pet and owner is one that is very personal and works at varying levels of interaction, whilst still maintaining species – specific health and welfare. From the 19th Century “traditional pets” such as cats and dogs were primarily kept as companion animals indoors or in a work based environment. Although scientists have struggled to pinpoint an exact period of time, dogs have been believed to be the first species to become fully domesticated.  Working alongside animals has become a popular and diverse career choice. Instinctively most people know from childhood that they are keen to work alongside animals. As a career choice working alongside animals and more specifically companion pets is incredibly rewarding. Regardless of experience within the profession it is essentially important to have good communication skills and to demonstrate a genuine care for animal welfare. An additional attribute of good work experience will naturally hold you in good steed in unison to your fellow peers or job applicants. This animal care certificate course provides an excellent opportunity for those wanting to gain hands-on experience working with animals and may also be of benefit to people who want to experience this type of work as part of a career decision. 

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