Animal Ethics Course

Animal Ethics & Welfare Course

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Animal Ethics & Welfare Course 

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Animal Ethics Course

Course Fees:  £499

(Course cost is all inclusive of tutoring fees, assessments, materials and course registration)

Continued Professional Development

This course counts for 90 hours CPD

Animal Ethics and Welfare Diploma Level 4

The Animal Ethics Course is ideal for anyone wanting to pursue a career in animal welfare or working for a campaigning charity such as: The  BUAV, Animal Aid, PETA, WSPA, RSPCA, Born Free, Uncaged etc.

The approach to the course is based upon a pro-animal point of view. The course investigates what it means when we say “Animal Rights” and how animals fit into a world dictated by humans. 

Animal Ethics & Welfare is a Level 4 course. This means it is above the UK ‘A Level’ standard in terms of language and expectations of the student. As such, it is  more demanding than a Level 3 course (GCSE level and expectations.) 

Module 1

Welfare, Rights & Ethics 

Module 1 of this Animal Ethics Course explores the differences between Animal Welfare & Animal Rights. Learn about the main controversies concerning Animal Ethics.

Learn about the global perspectives & the differences & consequences that occur within the proposal of Animal Rights.

Module 2

Attitudes towards Animals

Module 2 covers the attitudes of humans towards animals. The module begins with exploring the scientific basis of animals, including humans. It continues with historic & current attitudes toward animals including how religions refer to & regard animals.

Module 3

Ethology, Comparative Psychology, Philosophy 

Explore the links between academic interests & animals. Learn about  ethology, philosophy, comparative psychology; animal behaviour; human animal behaviour; philosophy of attitudes toward the animals.

Explore the Moral Status of animals, contemporary proponents of Animal Ethics & Welfare and animal cognition.

Module 4

Uses of Animals – Experimentation & Research

Learn about laboratory uses of animals (UK) and current basic welfare standards (UK). Understand the ‘3R’s’ of animal welfare:  Reduce, Replace, Refine; acceptability of the 3 R’s; who implements/ controls them, the alternatives & why enrichment is not always a priority for experimental animals. 

Module 5

Uses of Animals – Human Well-being & Gain

This module explores the topic of animals used for human well-being such companion, therapy & assistance animals: Guide dogs, hearing dogs and working animals: Uniformed services & in education. It also explores those use for financial gain both legal and illegal e.g. in sport, entertainment & tourism. Finally, this module explores the consequences to the human if full rights were to be given to all animals.

Module 6

Ethics & Welfare – Evidence from Animal Behaviour 

Module 6 introduces the idea that ethical treatment of animals can be promoted through the understanding drawn from animal behaviour research. It includes how evidence of animal behaviour suggests there should be equality with the humans. Explore the use of  non-human animal behaviour studies in promoting improved attitudes, welfare & ethical treatment of the non-human animal.

(Course cost is all inclusive of tutoring fees, assessments, materials and course registration)

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