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Animal Housing & Welfare

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Animal Housing Course

Course Fees:  £165

Continued Professional Development

This course counts for 20 hours CPD

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Animal Housing & Welfare Certificate Level 3

  • The Animal Housing Course is relevant for those working in an animal shelter, pet shop or re-homing environment where the animals are living in confinement.
  • Well designed animal accommodation can assist with physical and mental health for confined companion and exotic animals and is essential for preventing boredom and the overall welfare of animals.

Continued Professional Development

This course counts for 20 hours CPD

Module 1

Small Animal Housing & Welfare (Mammals & Birds)

The first module of this animal housing course explores how to provide adequate exercise & environmental enrichment for confined animals.

This module explores the range of accommodation available for small mammals and birds, their cost & suitability for given animals.

Module 2

Reptile Housing & Welfare

This module outlines the biogeography & habitats of a range of reptile species.

Gain an understanding about environmental enrichment for reptiles through proper accommodation.

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Reptiles and small animals are frequently and increasingly being kept as pets. Unfortunately, often people assume that they are easy to keep and that they make good pets for children. This is not the case as reptiles and small animals need specialised care.

A common error is that new owners of reptiles and small animals purchase enclosures that are not of adequate size for the animal. As most reptiles and small animals are kept indoors, people buy enclosures for them that will fit in their own living space and frequently this means that cage/enclosure sizes are too small. It is also important to consider that whilst an enclosure may be the right size when the animal is initially obtained, many animals such as reptiles grow very large over a short period of time and this soon means that the enclosure is too small for the animal. This causes immense stress, behavioural problems, illness and unnecessary suffering. 

It is for this reason that we have developed this Animal Housing Course; if reptiles and small animals are to be kept as pets, it is crucial that their accommodation needs are properly considered. Living in confinement is not natural for any animal and many will spend all their time trying to escape (causing injury and distress). Ensuring high standards of accommodation and environmental enrichment is an essential part of keeping small animals and reptiles and this course is relevant for pet owners and those working with reptiles and small animals in zoos and for animal charities.

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