Animal Hydrotherapy Day

Are you interested in a Career as an Animal Hydrotherapist?

Do you want to find out more before signing up to hydrotherapy training?

We are delighted to be offering taster days, the day is aimed to provide hands-on experience in both the pool and water treadmill as well as gaining an understanding the water management/treatments that are carried out daily to ensure that the water is both safe and hygienic for clients and staff. Over the course of the day we will also be looking at some case studies and conditions that are often referred over for hydrotherapy to give people a better understanding of what/why and how an animal hydrotherapist works.

And, we refund the taster day fees in full should you decide to enrol on the  Level 3 Diploma in  Small Animal Hydrotherapy!

The Hydrotherapy Taster day includes:

. Overview of clinical cases that are regularly treated

. Water management demonstration / practical

. Health and Hygiene

. Gait assessment

.Observation of pool with appropriate clients / staff dogs

. Basic bath and dry techniques

. Observation of treatments




Newcastle ( Treadmill only)

    Course Fees:  £150

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If you would like more information about animal hydrotherapy courses please contact Animal Courses Direct by email or phone 0208 6269646