Animal Nursing Assistant Career


Animal Nursing Assistant Career:  this work is all about the nursing of ill and recovering animals and the on-going promotion of animal welfare and health.  

This role can include the following hands-on tasks: Feeding, cleaning, handling and care of animals pre & post operatively, assisting with the daily running of the practice, including dealing with clients, answering phones, booking appointments, assisting the veterinary team in the consulting rooms and the preparation of animals for surgery and treatments. 

The Animal Nursing Assistant works hands-on with the animals in private and charity veterinary practices and hospitals to assist the Vets and Vet Nurses.

It is essential to have relevant training for this career. The Level 2 Award for Animal Nursing Assistants is recognised and regulated by Ofqual within the QCF (Qualifications and Credit Framework). Completion of the course results in 32 Credits (Level 2). 

This is a 10 Unit Level 2 course that has theory and practical aspects. 

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Working as an Animal Nursing Assistant can be extremely rewarding. There is a lot to be learnt on the ground and you will find yourself working with many different animals and assisting with a variety of tasks to do with sick and injured animals as those requiring routine surgery and procedures. Animal Charity Hospitals and Clinics as well as Private Veterinary Practices employ Animal Nursing Assistants.

The work is usually on a rota and will involve weekends and evenings. The work will involve some or all of the following: Feeding, cleaning, caring for animals, recording temperatures and pulses, carrying out daily health checks, using correct veterinary terminology, preventing the spread of disease and illness (infection control/barrier nursing), recognising signs of ill health, providing correct nutritional requirements to animals in veterinary care, recognising & dealing with parasites, providing basic treatments and assisting the veterinary team as required.


This career also involves dealing with the public, including pet owners, animal charities and other veterinary surgeries. Many private practices and animal welfare charities offer veterinary clinics with vaccinations, micro-chipping and neutering services; these are usually very busy and Animal Nursing Assistants may be required to assist with a variety of tasks at clinics.

Training for all veterinary staff is on-going and additional courses are of benefit to staff.

Reward Yourself as a Veterinarian Nursing Assistant

Finding a rewarding, fulfilling career is a goal many of us have. When you enjoy what you do, you will most certainly be better at it and look forward to it every day. If loving animals and caring for them interests you, a career as a Veterinary Nursing Assistant may be exactly what you are looking for.

A veterinarian's office is a true team, meaning that for the animals to receive the proper care they deserve, everyone must work together. A veterinarian assistant works alongside the vet in all clinical situations, as well as in the operating room. In order for the animals to get the optimal care they need, the expertise of the vet assistant is vital. However, you need not limit yourself to a small animal clinic.

Animal Charities, boarding kennels, farms, grooming salons and zoos are all places where Veterinary Nursing Assistants are needed. As an assistant, you will be trained in the proper handling and restraint of animals, physical examination of patients, grooming, anatomy, and vaccinations.


When the time comes for surgery, you may be asked to take X-rays, prepare the animal, and assist the vet during the procedure. Veterinary assistants need physical endurance during challenging workdays and adequate strength to restrain animals as required. Patience is also a trait a vet assistant needs since animals who come into the practice may exhibit aggressive behaviour due to injury or stress. Good people skills come in handy, as veterinary assistants are often the first point of contact for distressed animal owners.

While most veterinary assistants have at least a high school diploma, many vets prefer someone with relevant educational coursework through an accredited program. Employers are looking for those quick learners who have the ability to take control of situations. If this describes you, a career as a vet assistant would be a perfect match.


Why Our Training Program?

Training is available through many sources, but our accredited programs will put you ahead of the others who are seeking the same job opportunities.  Our practical experience and expertise will help you ace the interviews and get your dream job in no time.

A career as a Veterinarian Nursing Assistant is obviously one that will be rewarding for years to come. While it can be demanding physically and emotionally, the opportunity to help animals in need, as well as the chance to advance and learn, will fulfill your life-long dreams. Loving what you do every day and making a living at it doesn't have to be a dream. Start your journey today as a Veterinarian Nursing Assistant by enroling today.

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