Animal Volunteer Jobs New Zealand

Animal Volunteer Jobs New Zealand

Animal Volunteer Jobs New Zealand: There are some wonderful organisations in New Zealand that require volunteers to help them with their animal care work. This is an opportunity to get hands-on practical experience with animals at the same time! Most organisations appreciate it when volunteers have had training or knowledge, as this improves the quality of care they can offer to animals.

Frontier offers various conservation projects around New Zealand. You could be helping to conserve endangered and unique wildlife, planting trees, surveying and monitoring flora and fauna, or a range of other conservation based activities.

SAFE ( continues to be at the forefront of exposing animal abuse within New Zealand and around the globe. Public awareness campaigns and political lobbying are the main means used to help expose and question the use of animals in cruel and needless experiments. To volunteer for this organisation, see further details on their website.

Global Volunteer Network ( The aim of New Zealand program is twofold; first they provide volunteer assistance to conservation groups and conservation projects within New Zealand. In return they offer volunteers a unique and diverse experience that will expose them to many aspects of NZ conservation. Volunteers form an integral part of habitat restoration, wildlife monitoring and environmental/conservation research projects. More information available on their website.

SPCA Auckland, NZ The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Auckland Incorporated (SPCA Auckland) has been a voice for animal welfare for over 127 years. Together with our generous supporters we continue to work hard to improve the lives of animals in the Auckland region.

Forest and Bird Forest & Bird’s network of volunteers around New Zealand is the driving force behind many of our local and regional campaigns, hands-on conservation projects and field studies.

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Here are some of the courses we offer, please click here to see more courses. Having relevant training and practical experience will greatly improve your employment prospects in a variety of roles working with animals.

Cats in Need Trust: is an organisation that rescues kittens and cats that are unwanted, abused or abandoned. All cats that leave the cattery are spayed or neutered, wormed and vaccinated. Volunteers are particularly needed for evenings and weekends. Jobs include cleaning, preparing food and playing with the cats helping to keep them happy.

Cats Protection League, Wellington: is a purely voluntary charity devoted solely to the welfare of cats. Their objectives are to rescue unwanted kittens and cats, rehabilitate and re-home them where possible , to educate the public about the care of cats and kittens and to encourage the neutering of all cats. The organisation relies on volunteers to assist with cat trapping, fostering, transportation and fundraising. 

Auckland SPCA Horse Welfare Auxilliary Inc:  was founded to prevent the ill treatment of horses exported to Europe for slaughter. It has grown to become one of the world's leading international equine welfare charities. Volunteers assist with fundraising etc.

Project Jonah: this organisation has pioneered rescue techniques and shares this expertise with the rest of the world. Much of their work comes from a practical 'lets just do it' approach. At the heart of Project Jonah is a passionate belief that caring about marine mammals is simply the right thing to do. They are reliant on volunteers to assist with a variety of tasks including beach litter clean-ups, raising awareness, developing campaigns, assisting with administration and they also require volunteers to work as Marine Mammal Medics.

Karori Wildlife Sanctuary: has over 400 volunteers assisting with their work. It is one of the largest volunteer organisations in Wellington. The Sanctuary simply wouldn't exist without the dedication of the volunteers involved. Tasks are varied and range from: Fence monitoring, bird feeding, weeding, office support, boat skippering and guiding. 

Lonely Miaow Association, Auckland: is dedicated to the rescue and care of stray and abandoned cats and kittens in the greater Auckland area. Every day they receive calls about injured, starving and lonely cats and kittens. Volunteers are required to assist the organisation in a number of ways. 

Dogwatch Sanctuary Trust, Christchurch: cares for abandoned dogs who have not been re-homed from the Pound. They take over the legal ownership of these dogs and they are cared for by volunteers at their purpose built Adoption Centre until they are rehomed. The organisation looks for volunteers to assist with the dogs in their care.

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