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Big Cat Studies

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Big Cat Course

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Continued Professional Development

  This course counts for 107 hours CPD

Big Cat Studies Diploma  Level 3 

When you study a wildlife, zoology or conservation course with Animal Jobs Direct, you will be approved for ZSL Fellowship. Fellows get unlimited access for them and a family guest to ZSL London and Whipsnade Zoos plus borrowing rights in the extensive ZSL library of rare zoological texts. Enrol on your course and apply directly to ZSL for Fellowship.  

Anyone 18 or over and studying our Big Cat Care, Behaviour & Welfare Diploma Course is eligible for ZSL (Zoological Society of London) Fellowship.

Big Cat Studies Course Information

Module 1

Understanding Big Cats

Module 1 of the Big Cat course examines the genetic links between species and the anatomical and behavioural differences and similarities between big cats species and domestic cats.

Module 2

Origins and natural habitats of Big Cats

Learn about the origins & natural habitats of Big Cats. Gain an understanding of the similarities and differences between the modern day big cat sub-species and how big cats are adapted to their environment.

Module 3

Types and Characteristics of Big Cats

This module deals with the types and characteristics of Big Cats including: Lions, Leopards, Jaguars, Tigers, Pumas and Lynx.

Module 4

Big Cats in Captivity

The ethical issues captivity are looked at in this module. Learn how to provide environment enrichment, adequate nutrition and understand behavioural & psychological needs of Big Cats in captivity. Learn about the roles of animal charities that rescue and rehabilitate Big Cats.

Module 5

Caring for Big Cats in Captivity

Learn about the care and welfare of Big Cats in captivity as part of rehabilitation. This module has information about First Aid, identifying the signs of ill health, as well as common ailments and diseases. Record Keeping, Identification and Transportation.

Module 6

Ecological and Conservation Principles

Explore the Human-wildlife conflict as relevant to Big Cats. Learn about how communities can be engaged to conserve and assist Big Cats.

The Big Cat course is for those wanting a career or working or volunteering with Big Cats.

Learn about the origins and natural habitats of Big Cats, the genetic links between species and the types & characteristics of Big Cats. 

This comprehensive course also explores habitats under threat, ecological & conservation principles relevant to Big Cats as well as the care & welfare of Big Cats in captivity; including first aid, record keeping, identification and transportation.

The course is of relevance for anyone interested in learning more about Big Cats.

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Dog Grooming Courses

Continued Professional Development

  This course counts for 107 hours CPD


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This Big Cat course explores the fascinating subject of big cat species including behaviour, origins, habitats, characteristics, types and the conservation of big cats. The course also explores the issue of Big Cats living in captivity and the associated ethical issues as well as the animal welfare charities that assist with the rescue, care and rehabilitation of Big Cats. Practical issues such as nutrition, environmental enrichment, record keeping, transporting, first aid and identification are also covered in this course. 

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