Canine Behaviour Course

Canine Behaviour Course

Our canine behaviour course helps students to better understand how dogs behave and why.

Most careers with dogs require a good understanding of canine behaviour.

If you are working with dogs, it is essential to have knowledge about canine body language, an understanding about internal and external influences on behaviour and how to reduce stress and ensure high standards of environmental enrichment for dogs in your care.

Having hands on experience and relevant training is important.

The Dog Care, Behaviour and Welfare Diploma course is all about the care and welfare of dogs and it includes information about canine behaviour.

The Dog Behaviour, Psychology and Training Diploma course is relevant for working with dogs in the field of behaviour and training. This is an accredited Level 4 course.

Canine Behaviour Course

There are specific canine behaviour careers, for example - dog behaviourists work to diagnose and treat behavioural problems in dogs, such as aggression and phobias.

The job entails meeting owners and their dogs to discuss problems, observing and handling dogs to assess problems and developing treatment programmes.

The work may include: Setting up individual training sessions, consulting over the phone, visiting clients in their own homes and facilitating dog behavioural classes.

It is essential that dog behaviourists have experience with dogs as well as relevant training.

The Level 5 Dog Behaviour Practitioner Diploma course is a 6 module course suitable for behaviourists wanting to work with clients and their dogs. Successful completion of this course results in acceptance on the Level 6 Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma course.

The Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma course is an intensive 12 module course that is set at Level 6 and designed for those wanting to work as a Canine Behaviourist.

Prefer to study in a hands-on way?

We have several practical canine behaviour courses.

These courses provide valuable hands-on experience with a variety of dogs. 

Canine Behaviour Course

Practical Canine Behaviour Course Options:

The Dog Behaviour and Training Course is an intensive 4 day practical course studied on a 1 to 1 basis with a highly experienced behaviourist.

The Dog Training Course is a 2 day practical course all about dog training, including information about how to set up your own dog training classes.

The Rescue Dog Trainer course is a 2 day practical course relevant for those working or want to work in a variety of roles with rescue dogs.

The Canine First Aid and Training course is a practical 2 day course all about canine body language and first aid.

The Canine Aggression Avoidance course is a 2 day practical course all about understanding dog aggression and behaviour modification.

Canine Behaviour Course

Other online canine behaviour courses that we offer include:

The Canine Behaviour Problems Diploma course is explores the various factors creating create dog behaviour problems and how to deal with them.

The Puppy Training Certificate Course for anyone interested in ensuring a good behavioural start for their puppy.

The Dog Behaviour Certificate course exploring natural dog behaviours and their purpose.

The Dog Bite Avoidance Certificate course deals with the subject of bite prevention when dealing with dangerous or frightened dogs.

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