Canine First Aid Course

Aim awards

Ofqual Regulated Qualification: 601/7551/5

Theory and Practical Training.

Canine First Aid Certificate Course
Canine First Aid Course
Aim awards

OfQual Code: 601/7551/5

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Canine First Aid Certificate Course

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Canine First Aid Course

    Course Price:  £250

Course Fees include course materials, tutoring, assessments, accreditation and practical training. 

CPD: This Canine First Aid Course counts for 96 hours Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Canine First Aid Course Certificate Details:

AIM Awards Level 2 Award in Skills for Emergency Care for Dogs (RQF)

Practical and Theory Training

The AIM Awards Level 2 Award in Skills for Emergency Care for Dogs (RQF) is a regulated qualification aimed at learners who wish to or who are working in the canine industry such as dog groomers, hydrotherapists, dog walkers, dog wardens, pet sitters, kennel staff, animal welfare officers, dog behaviourists, etc.

This qualification is open to students 16 years and old. The course aims to provide learners with a theoretical and practical understanding of the main requirements for canine first aid.

Learners will gain an understanding of the essential requirements for first line response to any incidents that require immediate action.

The importance of taking an animal centred approach is introduced with the opportunity of devising strategies to assist in emergency situations.

This regulated course includes theory AND practical training with a maximum of 8 participants on the practical training days, ensuring high quality course delivery.

This is  a regulated qualification recognised by OfQual within the RQF (Qualifications and Credit Framework). When achieved, you will gain 12 Credits at Level 2.  

This Regulated Qualification consists of 4 x Theory Modules AND 1 Intensive Training Day

Regulated Qualification


 (4 modules studied online with full tutor support)

Module 1 -  Signs of Health and Ill Health

This module looks at what all dogs need and individual breed needs in terms of health and welfare.

We look at what is normal for dogs and what may be considered abnormal.

By carrying out a daily health check we are able to recognise any changes which will enable early detection of problems. We look at the signs of health and also ill health. The module looks at common parasites and prevention and what is considered “normal” for a dog.

This module also explores the subject of Selective Breeding - whereby certain male and female dogs are chosen by human manipulation to produce especially favourable characteristics and how this can lead to genetic disease.

Module 2 - Routine Dog Care

This module takes a look at various cause of a disease including lifestyle, bacteria, environment, viral and prevention treatment such as vaccinations, worming and flea treatment.

Prevention and treatment is covered in respect of common illnesses such as epilepsy and common problems such as bee stings and snake bites. We also look at how a dog may express pain.

Learn how to put together a First Aid Kit designed to meet canine needs.

Routine Dog Care

Module 3 - Wound Management

This module of the canine first aid course explores the common types of wounds in domestic dogs. Learn about infection control and how to stop bleeding.

The module also covers the principles of wound management, breaks and fractures and how to support them, and different types of wound dressing including bandaging.

Module 4 -  Emergency Aid

In this canine first aid course module we consider the circulatory system in conjunction with the respiratory system and CPR.

Learn about shock and how this may be expressed in behaviour and physical signs.

The module also covers the health and safety considerations when engaging in domestic dog resuscitation.



1 Day practical including assessment (held in Lincolnshire)

During the practical training element of this course you will learn the following:

How to carry out a daily health check and identify visible factors that indicate good health and poor health, including warning signs of life threatening diseases and temperature control.

How to position a dog for bandaging, dress a specific wound in a dog and how to prevent and control wound infection.

How to identify the visual signs of a break or fracture in a dog, how to assist a dog with a suspected break or fracture and how to correctly bandage a dog

How to carry out CPR.

How to gain the trust of a dog before undertaking any procedures and how to follow a general animal-centred care programme for a dog over a given period

How to approach and handle a dog in shock or in a collapsed state and how to stop bleeding.

How to put together a canine first aid kit.

Health and safety will be a priority and you will learn how to follow basic health and safety principles whilst undertaking canine care at all times.

The second half of the day will be your assessment when you demonstrate the above skills.

Canine First Aid Certificate Course

Successful completion of the 4 Theory modules and 1 day Practical Training results in the regulated AIM Awards Level 2 Award in Skills for Emergency Care for Dogs


Course Fees include course materials, tutoring, assessments, accreditation and practical training. 

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Canine First Aid Course

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