Small Animal and Canine Hydrotherapy

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 Unit [T/504/6475]

3 Credits

Canine Hydrotherapy Session

This course includes Intensive one day Practical Training in Oxfordshire or Newcastle

Hydrotherapy Treadmill Course 
Level 3

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Canine Hydrotherapy course

                 £380  incl. practical placement

Course fees are inclusive of tutoring fees, assessments, course materials, course registration and practical placement day. There is nothing extra to pay for.

Hydrotherapy treadmill therapy for small animals [T/504/6475] Level 3, is a theory unit with 1 day placement.

This course consists of a theory and practical element where the learner will learn how to conduct a hydrotherapy treadmill therapy session involving pre-treatment, during treatment and post treatment treadmill procedures.

This unit counts for 3 credits which can count towards the Diploma Qualification.

Hydrotherapy Treadmill Therapy for Small Animals Course
Level 3
Unit [T/504/6475] 

In this unit, learners will develop their knowledge of the treadmill equipment available and the principles of small animal and canine hydrotherapy treadmill therapy.  

Learn how and where to position an aquatic treadmill and how to prepare the area, the patient and clients for a therapy session.  

Gain an understanding of the types of conditions for which this treatment is suitable / unsuitable and how to monitor the treatment correctly.

Learners undertaking this unit will require significant knowledge of the principles and practice of small animal care hydrotherapy and anatomy and physiology in order to achieve this unit.  

Learners must have completed the Level 3 Certificate in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals before they can complete this module.

GLH 25

3 Credits 

Training as Hydrotherapist
Vet Hydrotherapist

1 Day Intensive Practical Placement Included as part of this Small Animal and Canine Hydrotherapy Course!

This course includes a 1 day Practical Placement in Oxfordshire OR Newcastle. 

The placements in Oxfordshire are at Woozelbears, an established canine hydrotherapy company. The centre has top of the range equipment including underwater treadmills, large bespoke pools, hydrotherapy spa, the 2nd gait analysis treadmill in the UK and a team of highly qualified personnel.

Placement within one of these centres enables you to learn from experienced professionals in the industry whilst working with a range cases at different stages of treatment.

This is also an opportunity to have first hand experience within the industry.

As increasingly hydrotherapy treadmills are being installed in hydrotherapy centres, this qualification makes you very employable and there are many companies around the country that are recruiting for Qualified Canine Hydrotherapists on the Hydrotherapy Treadmill.

ABC Awards

Small Animal and Canine Hydrotherapy Theory and Practical Training

ABC Awards

Level 3 Hydrotherapy Treadmill Therapy for Small Animals 

Unit [T/504/6475]

Study from home, at your own pace and with full tutor support. This course includes 1 day intensive practical training at a well established Hydrotherapy Centre. 


Training as a Vet Hydrotherapist

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