Canine Massage Course

Canine Massage course


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Introduction to Canine Massage Diploma Course
Level 3

Course Fees:  £499

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Continued Professional Development

This course counts for 60 hours CPD

Module  1

Canine Anatomy and Physiology

An excellent understand of canine anatomy and physiology is needed as a starting point for massage.

Module 2

Canine Anatomy and Physiology (part two)

This module continues with body systems.

Module 3

Puppies, Working and Performance Dogs

Every dog is an individual, regardless of breed or purpose and must be treated as such.

Module 4


Injuries, orthopaedic conditions, joint and neurological disease, skin problems – a look at the causes of injuries and conditions and how they can be treated.

Module 5

Types of massage and massage techniques

Various massage types are covered and step by step instruction for massage techniques

Module 6

Client Care and Responsibilities

Client care, record keeping, veterinary reports, duty of care and care plans – we have a duty of care to the dogs we are working with. This module also covers welfare, legalities and responsibilities.

Introduction to Canine Massage Diploma Course Level 3

The Canine Massage course consists of 6 modules and includes comprehensive information about Canine Anatomy and Physiology. This introductory course also explores the causes and treatments of injuries and conditions, types of massage and massage techniques as well as duty of care and care plans.

The canine massage course is designed as an introduction to training as a canine massage therapy. It is also useful as a CPD course, furthering knowledge about canine anatomy, physiology and massage benefits.

This course is an introduction to canine anatomy and physiology, the benefits and uses, various massage techniques and compares the different types of massage available.

Massage therapy is considered a manipulative therapy and requires practical and theoretical knowledge and a Veterinary referral. 

Canine Massage course
Canine Massage course

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