Career with Dogs 

Career with Dogs

Career with Dogs: Dogs are highly social animals and many cultures consider them to be important members of the family, regarding them to be man's best friend; this in turn means there are many different careers and job opportunities working with dogs. For a career with dogs, please ensure you gain relevant training before applying for vacancies.

Want a career working with dogs? Scroll down for information on a variety of roles in the Dog Care and Welfare Sector. Not sure where to start? Give us a ring on 0208 6269646 we will assist you in putting a career path together.

Kennel Assistant

Kennel Assistant

Dog Care

Dog Care, Behaviour & Welfare

Dog Rescue

Dog Rescue Worker

Kennel Jobs are often the entry point for a career working with dogs.

Kennel Assistant

If you have decided that a career with dogs is for you then working with dogs in kennels is invaluable experience. Dogs in boarding or welfare kennels are entirely reliant on the kennel staff for cleaning, exercise, grooming, feeding and stimulation.

The importance of dedicated, compassionate and hard working kennel staff is often underestimated and it is a very much undervalued profession. Having caring people doing this sort of work really makes a difference to the quality of life for the dogs in kennels.

A calm and cheerful disposition is also essential for this type of work as dogs will pick up on and respond to your mood. It is not always understood that most dogs confined to kennels will be experiencing emotional stress many suffer severely as a result of confinement, separation anxiety and lack of stimulation They will rely on the skills and patience of the kennel staff to alleviate this stress. Hands on time, walking and playing with the dogs is the best part of this job, so make sure you get a chance to interact with each dog every day!  The pay is not good but if you show commitment and work well there is a chance of promotion to kennel manager or supervisor. The Kennel Assistant Diploma course is a good example of relevant training for this career.

The Dog Care, Behaviour and Welfare Diploma course is relevant for many different careers with dogs and provides good foundation knowledge on canine behaviour, welfare, nutrition, grooming, bite avoidance and welfare.

The Dog Rescue Worker course has been designed for those wanting to work or volunteer with dogs in rescue homes. Animal charities are one of the biggest animal care sector employers and this is a great foundation course for this type of career.

Kennel and Cattery Management

Kennel and Cattery Management

Kennel Managers and Supervisors

Managers and Supervisors are employed by private boarding establishments and charitable organisations to manage every aspect of the smooth running of the kennels.

Private Boarding Kennels:

The manager has the overall responsibility for ensuring that all the daily routines are carried out properly. They may also be required to do some of the physical work in the kennels. Good organisational or management skills and some sort of animal care related qualification some practical experience working with animals is essential.

The Kennel and Cattery Management Diploma course is suitable for working in a private and charity boarding kennels.

Animal Rescue Home Care & Welfare Management

Animal Rescue Home Care & Welfare Management

Animal Charity Rescue and Rehoming Centres:

Animal rescue centres are set up by individuals or charitable organisations; Working for an animal charity is very different to the work of a private boarding or breeding organisation and no two animal rescue centres are run in the same way so it is difficult to clearly define the role of an animal care manager in an animal rescue charity. They vary in just about every way including location, size, layout, facilities, types of animals catered for, policies and ethos. However, one thing they all do is to take in, care for and re-home unwanted animals. If your looking for a rewarding career with dogs working for a dog rescue charity could be for you. The Animal Rescue Home Management Diploma course is relevant for this type of career.

Dog Behaviour, Psychology & Training

Dog Behaviour, Psychology & Training

Dog Behavior and Training Course

Dog Behaviour and Training Course (4 Day Intensive)

Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma

Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma

Dog Trainer

To achieve a successful dog training career you will need loads of patience, compassion and relevant training.

As the Dog training sector is not regulated, anyone can set themselves up as a dog trainer. However to gain credibility and in the interest of dog welfare it is advisable for anyone wishing to be a dog trainer to gain some sort of recognition by undertaking an  accredited  dog training or behaviour course. Although there are many training methods and courses available to anyone eager to get started, ranging from videos, books and college courses, we advise you to choose the course carefully: some are good, some not so good and definitely avoid any course that uses punishment as a method of training. If this is suggested then they are not good courses! The dog training procedure should be an enjoyable and stimulating experience for the dog not a punishment.

As well as being useful for a dog training career, training can be useful for other careers with dogs and related jobs with dogs within the animal care industry such as a dog handler. The Dog Behaviour, Psychology and Training Diploma course has been designed for working in behaviour, training and dog handling work.

Dog Behaviourists

Working is a Behaviourist is a popular choice  for those wanting a career working to assist dogs with behavioural problems. The Dealing with Common Canine Behaviour Problems course or the Dog Behaviour Certificate course both provide foundation knowledge for this career.

Dog Handler

Dog handlers are recruited by the armed forces and private security firms. Before becoming a dog handler for the armed forces  individuals are required to join the organisation where they intend to work. For example, police handlers have to spend two years in ordinary police training before transferring to the dog section. Having relevant experience will ensure you have the best chance of being offered a trainee position.

Behaviour & Training Practical Course

2 Day Dog Behaviour & Training Practical Course

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Business

 Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Business


   Dog Walking Course

Dog Walker

Dog Walking is becoming an increasingly popular career choice for those  wanting a career with dogs and are physically fit, don't want a desk job and want to work from home. services are increasing in popularity in the UK and  the number of people setting up their own dog walking businesses has grown considerably in the last couple of years.

Dog walkers are in particularly high demand in urban areas where dogs are confined in smaller properties and owners are at work all day. To really enjoy this type of career, it is important that you are physically fit and enjoy walking and exercise. Typically dog walkers offer walks of one hour or more and most take several dogs on each walk. Some local authorities have introduced regulations and bye laws that state the maximum number of dogs that may be taken out at any one time. 

The Dog Walking Certificate course is considered relevant for this career, as is the Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Business Diploma course and the 1 day Practical Dog Walking Course (for those who prefer to study in a more hands-on way).

Dog Home Boarding Course

Dog Home Boarding Course

Pet sitting and Dog Home Boarding

This is another career with dogs that offers  a chance of a good income. Dog Home Boarders are in high demand as more pet owners become aware that boarding their animal can be a traumatic experience. Many people now recognise that employing a pet sitter is preferable than boarding kennels. Confining any animal is never ideal; kennels and catteries can be a frightening and stressful experience for some animals and for others a very boring one.The idea of pet sitting is simply that pets stay in a home environment, either in their own home or with the pet sitter, where they receive individual care and are treated like one of the family. Pet sitting is a fast growing industry and for many a thoroughly rewarding and satisfying business opportunity for anyone wanting a career with dogs. The Dog Home Boarding course is relevant for this type of work.

professional dog grooming

Professional Dog Grooming With 2 Week Practical

Dog Groomer

If you're looking for a career with dogs that offers a good income then dog grooming as a career choice can be very rewarding. Regular grooming can prevent problems such as matting and shedding as well as help identify other problems, such as; fleas, rashes, abrasions, sores, cuts, tooth problems etc - all only noticed through hands-on attention such as grooming. Experienced, qualified dog groomers are in demand and a good dog groomer should never be unemployed. To work as a dog groomer you will need to have a love and understanding of dogs and an interest in learning about hair cutting and styling techniques. If you are trained and qualified as a groomer, there are a variety of job opportunities available to you, varying from being self employed to working for private business. The Dog Grooming Diploma course consists of theory as well as 2 weeks practical training; this course is relevant for working as a dog groomer or setting up your own dog grooming business.

Animal Welfare Officer Diploma Course

Animal Welfare Officer Diploma Course

Dogs and the Law Course

Dogs and the Law Course

Dog Warden

A dog warden is one of the titles including Animal Warden, Dog Control Officer, Animal Welfare Officer, given to a person who works, directly or indirectly, for a Local Authority as result of the 1990 Environmental Protection Act. The act requires for a person from each local authority in the UK to be employed for the collection of stray dogs. The Animal Care and Welfare Diploma course or Animal Welfare Officer Diploma course are relevant for anyone wanting to start a career with dogs in this field.

Animal Emergency Response Course

Animal Emergency and Disaster Response Course

Assistance Dog Trainer Course

Assistance Dog Trainer Course

Assistance Dog Trainers

Assistance Dog Trainers train dogs to assist people with hearing or sight difficulties, physical disabilities, and those prone to seizures, to lead independent lives. If you want a rewarding career with dogs and people this would be a good career opportunity and the Assistance Dog Trainer Diploma course is considered to be relevant training for this career working with dogs.

There are six types of assistance dogs:

  • Diabetes Hypo-alert Dogs   are trained to identify and alert  when their owners's blood sugar drops to a level that results in a hypoglycaemic episode.
  • Cancer Detection Dogs are trained to identify cancer and disease.
  • Guide Dogs for the Blind and visually impaired.
  • Hearing Dogs alert severely and profoundly deaf people to routine sounds.
  • Disability dogs carry out tasks such as pushing the emergency button on a telephone and opening and closing doors
  • Seizure alert dogs recognise seizure signs in their owner and thereby prevent a seizure from occurring.  
Companion Animal Transport Course

Companion Animal Transport Course

Dog transport/pet taxi businesses

This is a growing industry and a rewarding career if you enjoy driving, are happy working flexible hours and would like to run your own pet related business. The Companion Animal Transportation Course should be considered for this career.

Animal Hydrotherapy Diploma Course

Animal Hydrotherapy Diploma Course

Canine Hydrotherapist

This rewarding career involves assisting dogs and other animals who are recovering from injury or chronic conditions. The Level 3 Diploma in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals is a recognised qualification for this type of career. It involves theory and practical training.

If you prefer to study in a hands-on way, here are a few of the Practical Canine Courses that we offer

If you already have relevant training, please visit our Job Board to search for the latest jobs with dogs.

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