Dog Day Care Course

Dog Day Care Business Diploma Course
Dog Day Care Business Diploma Course

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Dog Day Care Business Diploma Course

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Dog Day Care Course

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      This course counts for 40 hours CPD

Please note that this is not an Ofqual qualification and therefore it does not meet the new Animal Activity Licensing (AAL) Regulations. Please click here for Ofqual regulated qualifications that meet AAL requirements.

Dog Day Care Business Diploma Level 3

Dog Day Care Centres are becoming increasingly popular as more dog owners who are out at work during the day, realise that their dogs need exercise and stimulation in order to prevent boredom and behavioural problems. Some dog owners get their dogs walked by dog walkers during the day and increasingly dog owners are turning to Dog Day Care Centres to provide all day care for their dogs.

Running a Dog Day Care Business is a very rewarding career for anyone passionate about dogs and their welfare. Having relevant training is essential and this also provides re-assurance for customers. This 4 module Level 3 Diploma course covers all aspects of Setting up and running a successful Dog Day Care Business. 

This course includes an optional 1 or 2 week placement, please contact us if you would prefer to do the course without the placement.

Dog Day Care Business Diploma Level 3
Dog Day Care Business Diploma Level 3
Dog Day Care Business Diploma Level 3

Module 1

Setting up a Dog Day Care Business

This module explores all you need to know about setting up your own dog day care business. Learn how to create a business plan, find appropriate premises, the process of licensing and insurance, budgeting; start up costs, marketing and advertising. 

Module 2

Running a successful Dog Day Care Business

This module is all about what you need to run a successful Dog Day Care Business. Subjects include: Why open your own dog day care business, how to ensure appropriate pricing, equipment needed, layout and design, day to day operations, staffing, registration and hiring staff.

Module 3

Dog Day Care Routines and Services

Learn how to assess which dogs are right for doggy day care, how to ensure the correct daily routines, play and exercise for each dog, gain an understanding canine behaviour. 

This module includes information about additional services that may be offered by a Dog Day Care Business including: Grooming, transportation, obedience training, exercise, etc

Module 4

Canine Health, Welfare and First Aid

Learn about daily health checks and how to recognise and minimise the risk and spread of disease/infections. This module also includes information about Canine First Aid and dealing with emergencies.

Dog Day Care in Cambridgeshire

This course includes a 1 or 2 week (optional) practical at a busy Dog Day Care in Cambridgeshire, working as part of the team.

Divine Canine is a busy custom designed dog day care centre in Cambridgeshire. Every day is different and tailored towards the variety of dogs attending on that day. The centre provides kennel-free indoor and outdoor play time with other dogs.  All of the friendly staff are completely dedicated to making sure the dogs at creche have a fun day in a safe and clean environment.

Dogs are provided with a safe and fun environment where they are closely monitored and played with by staff while they also exercise and socialise with other dogs that are matched in temperament.  


(Course cost is all inclusive of tutoring fees, assessments, materials and course registration)

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Dog Day Care Business Diploma Course

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Before you start your business, consider how much time you have to devote to it and how it will fit in with other commitments you may have.  Even though this is your own business you will still requires time for dog care, marketing, speaking to customers and vital time spent planning and thinking about your business. You must plan in this time if your business is to succeed. Do you have any experience working with dogs? Since dogs have different temperaments, volunteering at a dog rescue can help you learn how to care for dogs or do a course to provide you with a qualification that you can show to your customers. You will need enough space for dogs to relax, sleep and play.  You could start small and run a doggy day care centre from home if you have a large enough house/garden or you can buy or rent commercial space from which to run your business. Think about what equipment you will need.  Bowls for water, beds, toys, agility equipment, cleaning materials, leads etc. Contact your Local Authority to find out the cost and requirements of a license. Find out the cost of insurance including liability, property and accidental damage cover. Think about your opening times/days. Waste disposal – what are the requirements of your Local Authority in respect of dog waste? Potential cost of operating the facility such as utilities i.e. electric, water, heat etc. This Dog Day Care Course explores all these issues and more.

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