Dog First Aid Course Practical

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Emergency Dog First Aid Course Practical  

Intensive Practical Dog First Aid Training Course

Suitable for dog owners and those working with dogs

Learn how to:

  • Carry out a daily health check and identify visible factors that indicate good health and poor health, including warning signs of life threatening diseases and temperature control.
  • Position a dog for bandaging, dress a specific wound in a dog and how to prevent and control wound infection.
  • Identify the visual signs of a break or fracture in a dog, how to assist a dog with a suspected break or fracture and how to correctly bandage a dog.
  • Carry out CPR.
  • Gain the trust of a dog before undertaking any procedures and how to follow a general animal-centred care programme for a dog over a given period.
  • Approach and handle a dog in shock or in a collapsed state and how to stop bleeding.
  • Put together a canine first aid kit.

This intensive practical course provides understanding of the main requirements for canine first aid.

Learners will gain an understanding of the essential requirements for first line response to any incidents that require immediate action.

The importance of taking an animal centred approach is introduced with the opportunity of devising strategies to assist in emergency situations.

Health and safety will be a priority and you will learn how to follow basic health and safety principles whilst undertaking canine care at all times.

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