Dog Handler Course


Dog Handler  Course

    Course Fees:  £150

This course consists of two theory units 

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Dog Handler Course

Module 1


What is consent and how can we give our dogs the power to say how they feel abut something? We cover the 5’s C’s in this Unit:






We also take a look at how dogs learn and gain an understanding of dogs in a human world.

Module 2

Dog Handling

This unit looks at how we can ensure that we set dogs up to succeed, rather than overwhelming them and then having to deal with the “fall out” from this.

Included in this unit are worksheets designed to help clients set their dogs up for success.


Dog Handler Course (Theory and Practical)

Döring et al. (2009) found that 78.5% of clinically healthy dogs visiting a veterinary hospital in Germany were fearful on the examination table.  Less than half of the dogs entered the practice calmly.  13.3% were dragged or carried in (Lloyd, 2017).

These statistics outline the wide-spread problem of stress and fear in these clinical environments. This study found this actually had an effect on caregivers delaying bringing their sick and injured animals in because of the stress not only to their animal, but to themselves.

Unfortunately, vet and grooming experiences are often stressful.  Vets in particular only really see dogs when they are ill or in pain.  Is it any wonder that dogs can very quickly learn to feel nervous in that environment?

Some of this stress can be minimised via simple management techniques and fear-free handling, as well as an understanding of canine body language and our own.  We have a responsibility as dog professionals to do all we can to help the dogs that come into our care. Helping to alleviate their levels of stress is just as important as physical health.  

This dog handler course is particularly relevant for dog groomers, veterinary nurses, vets and other professionals, as well as anyone who works with dogs.


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