Dog Psychology Course

Dog Psychology Course

Our Dog Psychology Course can enhance your ability to get a job working with dogs.

Working as a dog psychologist involves having a good understanding of dog behaviour in order to be able to see things from the dog's perspective. You will need to be able to communicate effectively with people and dogs and have the confidence to handle dogs of all types, sizes and temperaments. 

It is essential that dog psychologists have experience with dogs as well as relevant training

The Dog Behaviour, Psychology and Training Diploma course (Level 4) is a dog psychology course suitable for working the field of dog psychology and training.

Dog Behaviour, Psychology and Training Diploma course (Level 4)

The Dog Care, Behaviour and Welfare Diploma course focusses on the care and welfare of the dog and also has a module about dog psychology.

The Dog Behaviour Practitioner Diploma course is set at Level 5 and is of relevance for dog behaviourists wanting to work with clients and their dogs.

The Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma course is an intensive 13 module course that is set at Level 6 and designed for those wanting to work in the Dog Psychology and Behaviour sector.

The Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma course

Prefer to study in a hands-on way?

We have several practical canine psychology and training courses.

These courses provide valuable hands-on experience with a variety of dogs. 

The Dog Behaviour and Training Course is designed for working as a dog behaviourist. This practical courses consists of 4 intensive 1 to 1 training days, learn a huge amount in a short time and gain hands-on experience with a variety of dogs.

The Dog Training Course is for anyone interested in learning more about working as a dog trainer or behaviourist. This 2 day course provides an insight into these careers and students learn about canine body language & preventing and dealing with common behavioural problems. 

The Rescue Dog Trainer course is of relevance for those working or volunteering with rescue dogs. The 2 day course includes: How to carry out temperament & behavioural assessments, handling dogs, re-homing dogs suitably and assisting new owners with behavioural problems.

The Canine First Aid course is an intensive 1 day course all about first aid for dogs - this course is relevant to anyone working or volunteering with dogs in various roles as well as dog owners.

The Canine Aggression Avoidance course is all about preventing and dealing with canine aggression, it is an intensive 1 day course of relevance and importance to anyone working hands-on with dogs.

Our dog psychology courses promote positive techniques that ensure an enjoyable and stimulating experience for the dog, ensuring that training is not a punishment!

Please contact us for more information about the many different canine psychology courses that we offer

Canine Psychology Course

Please contact us for more information about the many different canine psychology course that we offer

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