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These ebooks have been compiled by the Animal Jobs Direct  team of animal welfare professionals who have a wealth of experience in the animal care sector.

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Animal Jobs Direct
Animal Jobs Direct

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Volunteering with Animals ebook


This comprehensive resource contains details of Animal Rescue and Wildlife Charities worldwide that are offering work experience and voluntary work within their organisation.

The great thing about this book is that it gives you all the information you need to arrange your own volunteer gap year or work experience. You contact the charity directly and 100% of the money you pay goes directly to the charity. 

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Working with Animals ebook


This ebook has been designed to assist and inspire anyone who wants to work with animals. Whether you are a school leaver, or a professional looking for a career change, the information in this guide will assist you in achieving your goal. The ebook contains all the advice you need for a career working with animals 

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"An excellent source of information on all kinds of careers with animals – everything from becoming a marine biologist to training to be a vet": Mark Carwardine (Zoologist, outspoken conservationist, award-winning writer and TV and radio presenter)

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Readers Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant book! by Rachel Sharp 
"Knowing I wanted to work in animal care but not sure where to start in deciding where specifically, I bought this book, and it's amazing! Probably the most comprehensive book you can buy with so much information on specific careers in different areas. It also has contact details for charities all over the world to get you started in volunteering if you choose to do so. Really really brilliant book, highly recommended!"

An Extremely Comprehensive and Detailed Look at Working with Animals, by Claire W
"This book is exactly what the cover says, Working with Animals. They have left nothing out and have given so much in-depth information on every career and job situation to do with animals. I had not even heard of many of these jobs, and never thought of many of these questions and it covered it all. It is not a easy read, with no pictures and bright texts but to the point, over 200 pages of factual information that you honestly can get through if you are looking for a career with animals. It is sectioned easily for you and written for easy reading. Hope you find it as extremely useful as I did!

"This book gives a lot of insight into the various career paths you can choose involving animals. As someone who is passionate about animals, I'm really excited about the options this book has made me realise."  "If you want to work with animals, this is the only resource you will ever need. It's packed full of useful information and opened my eyes to the many different options available to anyone wanting to work with animals. Money well spent! "

"... full of helpful info about the animal care industry. I never knew there was so much out there.

Get BOTH these ebooks FREE  when you enrol on an ONLINE ANIMAL CARE COURSE 

Over 600 pages of highly informative content