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Animal Jobs Direct is an Approved ELCAS Course Provider


ELC Provider Number: 8609

Animal Jobs Direct is proud to be an Approved Learning Provider of the MOD's Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) Scheme helping to promote life-long learning for members of the Armed Forces (ELC Provider No: 8609).

The Ministry of Defence Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC) is an initiative to encourage lifelong learning for members of the Armed Forces.

The scheme provides financial support (by means of an up-front payment) for higher level regulated qualifications (Level 3 and above).

Animal Jobs Direct is approved by ELCAS to deliver the following Ofqual Regulated Qualifications

Animal Jobs Direct

Dog Behaviour & Training Qualifications

Canine Care, Behaviour and Welfare Award Level 3 

This Ofqual regulated qualification meets the Animal Activities Licensing (AAL) Higher Standard requirements.

Level 3 Diploma in Canine Care, Behaviour and Welfare.

This qualification meets the Higher Standard Defra Animal Activity Licensing Regulation requirements (2018) for Dog Kennels, Dog Day Care and Dog Boarding Businesses.

Assistance Dog Trainer Diploma Level 3 

The Ofqual regulated Level 3 Diploma in Assistance Dog Training is the qualification for working in the field of Assistance Dog Training. 

Level 4 Diploma in Canine Training and Behaviour Management.

This qualification is a progression from the Level 3 Canine Care Behaviour and Welfare Qualification. The course is relevant for those wishing to expand their knowledge of canine anatomy and physiology, training and behaviour, the role of exercise and nutrition and how to run dog training classes.

Canine Behaviour Practitioner Diploma Level 5  

This qualification has been designed to provide learners with in-depth knowledge and understanding of canine welfare, behaviour and training.

Level 6 Applied Canine Behaviour Management Diploma. 

This qualification is equivalent to a degree with honours - for example, Bachelor of the Arts (BA) Hons, bachelor of science (BSc) Hons.

Animal Hydrotherapy

Small Animal Hydrotherapy Qualifications

Level 3 Diploma in Small Animal Hydrotherapy

Level 4 Diploma in Small Animal Hydrotherapy

These Small Animal Hydrotherapy qualifications are Ofqual regulated qualifications designed for learners preparing for a career working as an Animal Hydrotherapist, including those wanting to set up their own Animal Hydrotherapy Business. 

Animal Hydrotherapists use hydrotherapy techniques to assist animals with rehabilitation in order to recover from injury, as an element of pain management or as a type of exercise for animals with mobility issues. There is a shortage of qualified animal hydrotherapists. Completion of either the Small Animal Diploma or Certificate course, will enable you to seek employment as an Animal Hydrotherapist.Or alternatively, you could set up your own Animal Hydrotherapy business and work for yourself. Animal Jobs Direct is committed to assisting you all the way, whether it's finding a job or setting up your own animal hydrotherapy business.

Cattery Qualification

Level 3 Award in Feline Care, Behaviour and Welfare:

This qualification meets the Higher Standard Animal Activity Licensing Regulation requirements for running a cattery business. It is a 2 unit Award course.

Level 3 Diploma in Feline Care, Behaviour and Welfare:

This qualification meets the Higher Standard Defra Animal Activity Licensing Regulation requirements (2018) for Cattery Businesses. This is an 8 unit Diploma course.

Animal Welfare Officer Qualification

The Level 3 Animal Welfare Officer Diploma is for working as an Animal Welfare Inspector and for those wanting to work as an Animal Welfare Officer. This is the accepted qualification for Local Authority Animal Welfare Inspectors who inspect and license Animal Activity businesses.

Zookeeper Qualification

The Level 3 Diploma in Zookeeping consists of theory and practical training and is Ofqual recognised as an accepted qualification for anyone looking to pursue a career  working with wildlife  in zoos, safari parks, wildlife collections etc.

To access these qualifications, please visit the ELCAS website and click on the 'Learning Providers' button and then "Learning Provider Search'. Search for Animal Jobs Direct and the courses and packages will be shown in the approved list. Please do contact us for assistance or advice.

Service Leavers can also use their Individual Resettlement Training Costs (IRTC) funding and Resettlement Grant (RG) funding for all our training courses.

The Enhanced Learning Credits Process

1. Contact us on 0208 6269646 or by email should you require further information about the courses we are approved to offer. 

2. Fill out your ELCAS application form available at www.enhancedlearningcredits.com

3. Give your claim form to your commanding officer or learning staff for approval.           

4. If you need the MOD form 1746 completed, please scan and email to [email protected] and it will be returned to you in the same manner. 

5. ELCAS will then check your eligibility for funding.

6. On receipt of your Claim Authorisation Note (CAN), you must present it to your chosen Learning Provider before the course is due to start.

7. You can then make your 20% personal contribution enabling you to begin your course. 

Animal Jobs Direct

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Animal Jobs Direct

Animal Jobs Direct is accredited as a recognised course and training provider by 5 National Awarding Bodies. We offer a comprehensive choice of canine, animal care, wildlife, veterinary, reptile, animal charity, equine, marine animal and pet care business courses. Please click here for more information.

Animal Jobs Direct is an Approved Course Provider for the MOD through the ELCAS scheme. Our provider ID number is 8609. 

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