Feline Courses

Feline Courses

Feline Care and Welfare Certificate
Level 3

  • Our Feline courses provide an excellent foundation for those wanting to work with cats in a veterinary or cattery capacity. 
  • This Feline Care and Welfare Certificate course is also of benefit to cat owners who want to improve their knowledge of cat care.

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Continued Professional Development

This course counts for 20 hours CPD

Module 1

Feline Health & Welfare 

Learn about cat health & welfare, routine health checks & common health disorders, common diseases & parasites, basic first aid and principles. 

Learn about the Daily Health Check and how to recognise common health problems and illness in the cat including: FUS, abscess, cystitis, hairballs, renal failure, acute abdomen, poisoning and parasitic infections

Gain an understanding of the basic principles of first aid for animals and how to maintain life until professional treatment is obtained.

Learn how to manage first aid treatment of a range of common injuries to the cat including bits, cuts, shock, road traffic accidents. Learn how to monitor respiratory and heart rate and blood flow.

This module includes information about handling and understanding basic feline behaviour.

Module 2

Feline Nutrition

This module explores feline nutritional needs, the composition of foods, nutrients and essential nutrients for the cat.  

Learn about the functions of each nutrient type including: Growth & repair, energy, respiration, insulation, protection, cell structure, skeletal tissue, digestive processes, body heat and neural functioning.

The module includes information about Essential nutrients including: Essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, salts, zinc, water, calcium, phosphorous and the importance of specific nutrients in the cat diet.

Animal Activity Licensing Regulations 2018 UPDATE

As from 1st October 2018, staff working for Boarding Catteries must have a minimum of an OFQUAL regulated level 2 qualification in a relevant subject.

Or to meet the Higher Standard, a member of staff with a relevant OFQUAL regulated Level 3 qualification must be present during the working day.

Please note that this Cattery Business Course is not OFQUAL regulated and does not meet the new licence requirements. 

The Level 3 Feline Care, Behaviour and Welfare Diploma course is an OFQUAL regulated qualification that DOES meet the new licensing requirements for Cat Boarding Businesses.

(Course cost is all inclusive of tutoring fees, assessments, materials and course registration)

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Many people want to work with cats and there are various different roles working hands-on with cats, these include cattery workers, feline behaviourists, animal welfare officers, re-homers and those working in stray and neutering programmes worldwide to reduce and control cat populations. Having foundation knowledge about cat care and welfare is important for all these hands-on roles with cats. Being able to carry out daily health checks, monitor for sickness and injury, administer first aid and ensure that diets are appropriate and well prepared are all important aspects of cat care and ensuring high welfare standards. This course contains information on all these subjects and is relevant for anyone wanting to work with cats. This feline course is also of interest to cat owners who want to gain a better understanding about cat care, nutrition and first aid.

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