Feline Nutrition Course

Feline Nutrition

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Continued Professional Development

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Feline Nutrition

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Feline Nutrition Course

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Feline Nutrition Certificate Level 3

  • The Feline Nutrition Course consists of two modules and has been designed for cat owners and those working with or wanting to work in a variety of roles caring for cats.
  • Gain an understanding of nutrient groups, their functions and roles in a variety of foodstuffs appropriate to the cat. 
  • It also provides learners with knowledge about why certain nutrients are required in the feline diet and about nutritional disorders in the cat.

Module 1

Nutrients and Food Groups

Learn about the nutrient groups: Water; Proteins; Carbohydrates: mono & disaccharides, polysaccharides; Lipids: saturated, unsaturated; Minerals; Vitamins; Fibre; presence in foodstuffs 

Learn about nutrient functions: Growth & repair; energy; respiration; insulation; protection; cell structure; skeletal tissue; digestive processes; blood; body heat; neural functioning 

When you finish this module, you will be able to understand how to identify each nutrient in the diet to the cat and their roles in a range of foodstuffs appropriate to the cat and know their components.

Module 2

Nutrients and Health. 

In this module of the feline nutrition course, you will learn about Essential nutrients including: Essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, salts, zinc, water, calcium and phosphorous .

Learn about diet, health and nutritional disorders including: Malnutrition: obesity, starvation, nutrient deficiencies, food groups; ESAs & EAAs. 

Learn about bought food, homemade food and why specific nutrients are required in the feline diet.

You will also learn about various nutritional disorders in the cat.

(Course cost is all inclusive of tutoring fees, assessments, materials and course registration)

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There are many different jobs working with cats; most roles are in rescue and boarding catteries and involve the daily hands-on care for cats living in confinement. For boarding cats, this is usually a short stay whilst their owners are away. For rescue cats living in an animal charity cattery, this can be a longer stay whilst the cat is assessed and staff try to find the right new home. Those working and volunteering in catteries know how important meal times are for companion animals in confinement and this is a daily opportunity for stimulation and interaction with carers. Having a good understanding of the nutritional requirements, nutrient groups and nutritional disorders affecting cats is important for people working with cats and this is thoroughly explored in this 2 module certificate course.

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