Kennel and Cattery Management Course

Level 3 Diploma in Kennel and Cattery Management

Next student intake 15th May 2019

Ofqual Regulated Qualification

This Ofqual regulated Qualification meets the new Animal Activity Licensing (AAL) Regulations Higher Standard requirements.

New Animal Activities Licensing (AAL) regulations for Kennels, Catteries, Home Boarders, Breeders and Sellers of Live Animals

To assist pet businesses with meeting  the new Animal Activities Licensing Regulations the Animal Jobs Direct team of Education professionals have developed a range of courses and qualifications that are ALL Ofqual regulated and will ensure a  License is issued or renewed.

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Level 3 Diploma in Kennel and Cattery Management  

Unit Summary

Ofqual Regulated Qualification:

Unit 1 

Canine Behaviour

Canine body language and common signs of stress and aggression and how stress can escalate into aggression.  Learners will gain an understanding of the body language signs and signals, unwanted behaviour that may arise and the signs of stress and aggression.

Unit 2 

Care of Canines in Kennels & Dog Day Care/Dog Boarding

Causes of disease transmission and prevention, appropriate welfare measures of kennels, dog day care and dog boarding environments.  Safe entry and exit management, essential PPE and the importance of environmental stimulation in kennels, dog day care and dog boarding environments.  Learners will understand basic health and welfare issues for kennels, dog day care and dog boarding establishments and how to ensure all canine needs are met.

Unit 3

Care of Felines in Catteries

This unit explores how to promote and maintain the welfare of cats in catteries. It includes information on health checking,  methods of disease prevention & control and effective ways to provide environmental enrichment and mental stimulation. This unit also covers administering preventative and prescriptive medications.

Unit 5


What style of management should you have? What is the difference between management and leadership?  This module looks at different styles that may be used in running a kennel and cattery establishment

Unit 4

Feline Behaviour & Psychology

When working with cats it's useful to have an understanding of feline behaviour and psychology. This unit includes force free behaviour improvement, the human-feline relationship as well as signalling and communication behaviour of cats. 

Unit 6

Animal Welfare Legislation

A proper understanding of legislation by those running Kennels and Catteries will hugely benefit the welfare of animals. 


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