Kennel Management Course

Study online to gain an accredited Kennel Management Course Diploma for working in Kennel or Cattery Management.

 Our Kennel and Cattery Management Diploma course is relevant for careers working in boarding or charity kennels and catteries.

It is an accredited Diploma course, set at Level 3.

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Broadly speaking, kennels and catteries can be divided into those that deal with boarding dogs and or cats and those dealing with re-homing.

The role of a Kennel or Cattery Manager varies greatly and depends on the size and type of organisation or company.

The Kennel or Cattery Manager may be responsible for recruitment, staff training, daily routines, general management and maintaining high standards of care and hygiene throughout the kennels as well as dealing with marketing the business and customer care.

Jobs working hands-on with dogs and cats can be grubby and may involve touch physical outdoor based work. It is crucial that you don't mind working outdoors in all types of weather as many catteries are based outside and dogs need to be exercised in all weathers.

Kennel Management is Rewarding

Working in Kennel Management can be great fun and very rewarding as well as ensure you are kept fit as there are always dogs that need walking or playing with! Ensuring the dogs are provided with environmental enrichment can be a rewarding challenge; often kennel managers think of fun ways of keeping the dogs busy such as providing a paddling pool and outside play area equipped with toys, tunnels, etc.

If the dogs are kept busy and stimulated, it is less likely that you will need to deal with behavioural problems. However, having dog behavioural knowledge is important in this line of work and will help you in your daily work.

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Working for an animal charity dealing with the Kennel or Cattery Management side of things is very different to the work of a private boarding business.

There are additional roles when working for an animal charity and these include; re-homing, behavioural assessments, health checks, ensuring enrichment for animals in long term care and more. 

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