Love Dogs? Make Extra Income With Our Dog Grooming Course

Are you passionate about animals and dream of a job working with man's best friend? Then why not take our dog grooming course and earn some extra income doing something you'll love? Dog grooming courses are a great way to transition into a job working with animals, like Sue Jones who left her career in IT to pursue a lifelong dream of working with animals. She took the Advanced Level 3 Dog Grooming Diploma and is now doing a job she loves.

Why should I train as a dog groomer?

A well groomed dog is a happy and healthy dog, so if you love working with canines, training as a dog groomer is a great way to learn more about our four legged friends while earning some valuable extra income. We all love to pamper our pets, so the dog grooming sector is booming and there are plenty of opportunities to turn a part time job into a full time career.

What skills will I learn?

A good groomer needs to have a complete understanding of the animals they work with as often a groomer may be the first to spot if a dog has health issues. You'll study anatomy and health, including dealing with parasites when you're grooming, and animal first aid to ensure you're prepared for all eventualities. You'll also pick up useful information about basic canine psychology as well as the practical skills you'll need to make the dogs in your care look their best. 

Finally, you'll be given the business skills you need to run your own dog grooming business, including setting up as a mobile dog groomer which could prove a useful additional source of income. Diane Constantinides took the optional two week practical course and now runs her own very successful salon.

Whether you simply want to earn an extra income or you're considering making dog grooming your full time career, we run a range of courses to help you achieve your ambition. Visit the Animal Jobs Direct website for more details.

Love Dogs? Make Extra Income With Our Dog Grooming Course