Reptile Studies Diploma

Professional Development
90 hours CPD

Reptile Care, Welfare and Ethics Diploma Level 3


  • The Reptile Course contains the most up to date research into the keeping of reptiles. It is an training for animal charity staff, vet staff, animal welfare officers, pet shop owners and all those interested in the care and welfare of reptiles.
  • Reptiles are increasingly popular as pets. Recent research suggests that more households keep reptiles than cats and dogs combined.
  • Learn all about reptile biological requirements, general health & welfare needs, ¬†how to recognise and respond to common illnesses and disease.
  • Through this course, students will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the most important reptile care and welfare issues.

Module 1

What is a Reptile? Taxonomy, Biology and Physiology

Module 1 of the Reptile Course introduces the reptile and explores its place in the animal kingdom. Evolutionary background is explored and defining biological and physiological characteristics is examined.

Module 2

Reptiles as pets: Legal and Ethical issues

Reptiles are now more common as pets than dogs and cats combined. Learn why reptiles are so popular and about the legalities of keeping reptiles as pets.

Module 3

Staying alive: General Health and Welfare needs

This module explores the welfare needs of reptiles, both in the wild and in captivity. Learn about biological requirements, the illnesses they are prone to, as well as important treatments that prevent or cure disease.

Module 4

Captive breeding: Exploring the issues

Many pet reptiles were bred in captivity. This module examine the processes and procedures involved. Evaluate the implications of captive breeding on reptile conservation and welfare.

Module 5

For sale: An overview of the international reptile trade

This module explores the trade networks and evaluate sources of supply and demand.

Module 6

Conservation: A global perspective on reptile survival

Module 6 looks ahead to the future of reptiles. Having survived largely unchanged for millions of years, the reptile now faces unprecedented threats. Where are the greatest dangers, and what are the root causes? Most importantly, this module explores the long-term future of reptiles.

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