Wildlife Care and Conservation Course Certificate

Professional Development
20 hours CPD

Wildlife Care Conservation Course

Two-module-wildlife-courseWe also recommend a Practical Placement as an add on with this course

This unique certificate course has been designed for those wanting to work in a voluntary or paid capacity caring for wildlife living in captivity in rehabilitation environments, zoos, safari parks etc.

Learn about Wildlife health care, enrichment, nutrition, accommodation design, rehabilitation, general welfare and the role of wildlife care organisations.x

Wildlife Care and Conservation Certificate Course

Module 1

Captive Wildlife Care and Legislatiion

Learn about contemporary approaches to captive wildlife care relevant to welfare, enrichment, nutrition and accommodation design.

The first unit of the wildlife care conservation course also includes information about legislations concerned with captive wild animal welfare & the role of welfare organisations.

Module 2

Health and Welfare of Captive Animals & Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation

Learn about health care methods for captive wild animals and how to recognise and respond to the signs of ill health.

This module includes information about Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation.

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