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Pet Care Agency Course
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Pet Care Agency Course

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Pet Care Course

Continued Professional Development

      This course counts for 60 hours CPD

Start Your Own Pet Care Agency Diploma Level 3

This comprehensive pet care course will equip you to set up your own Pet Care Agency.

Running a Pet Care Agency is rewarding and a great way to earn a living from your love of animals. 

This course covers everything you need to know about setting up your own Pet Care Business.

Work from home, with very few running or set up costs. The course will equip you to deal with any problems and give you a head start in a great business. 

pet care agency course

Continued Professional Development

      This course counts for 60 hours CPD

Module 1

Your own business

Module 1 of this pet care course will help you to discover whether you have the attributes to create a successful business and what skills you need to develop make it work. Learn how to develop the right mind-set to be a successful entrepreneur and understand the practical habits you should develop such as good time management. Learn some of the secrets of business success and find your own unique selling proposition (USP). Develop your own brand and learn how to target your market and create multiple income streams that will leverage your business growth. 

Module 2

Getting started

Learn how to undertake simple but effective market research to discover your niche pet market. Learn how to really connect with your customers and outshine your competitors. Understand the best ways to fund your business and find out how to create your business plan and develop a SWOT analysis that will help you to understand your business better. Learn about the best ways to market and advertise your business and how to design effective adverts. 

Module 3

Running your Pet Care Agency

Now you have the business basics, we cover the details of how to set up and run your own pet care agency. Decide what services you are going to offer and why you should develop a sound business philosophy that will attract and keep customers. Learn what you need in order to operate your business from home or from an office. Learn how a typical booking works and how to successfully match customers with pet sitters. This module of the pet care course, also covers pricing, payments, record keeping, your business terms and conditions and covers the basics of running a marketing and promotion campaign to launch your business. 

Module 4

Dealing with problems and employing pet sitters

Running a pet care agency is very satisfying and rewarding but there are occasional problems to be overcome. It is important to be aware of the likely problems you might meet so that you are equipped to deal with them effectively. This module covers pet care problems such as dogs escaping, badly behaved or aggressive pets, pets that won’t eat and how to deal with sick pets. It shows you how you can prevent these problems from occurring and how to deal with them if they arise. You will also learn how to employ the services of casual pet sitters without the headache of becoming an employer and it takes you through the terms and conditions you should use when you take on pet sitters. 

Module 5

Create your own website as a marketing tool

This module goes into the details of marketing your pet care agency and getting customers from anywhere in the UK. Learn how to develop your own website and use it as an effective marketing tool. Discover the secret to creating a website that will attract new paying customers. Learn how to get customers to choose you over your competitors – it’s not all about price! Understand how to develop a marketing campaign, use social media for promoting your business and how to structure an advert. 

Module 6

Business formalities and resources

In the final module of this pet care course, we cover the business formalities, administration and smooth running of your business. Find out how you should structure your business and what documents and insurance you will need. You will also have all the resources you need to develop a successful pet care agency such as templates for your business plan and administrative forms as well as business stationary, logos, adverts, posters and business cards – in fact everything you will need to develop and run your own pet care agency. 

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