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We are happy to share with you the success stories from our students! 

Working with animals is something that people dream of doing and it's something that we help many people achieve. If you want to work with animals, we will do everything we can to help you to achieve this.

We pride ourselves on offering a complete service for our students. This starts with the comprehensive and specialised careers and training advice that we offer by phone or email. This is a chance to find out about the many different career options available.

Animal Career Options

Our advisers will also assist you with finding the right course to match your requirements. We have over 150 accredited courses to choose from; each designed to improve employment prospects or assist with setting up an animal related business with success.

Once a student enrols on a course with us, they are assigned with their own personal tutor who provides support and encouragement helping the student achieve the most out of their studies.

Animal job search

You study at your own pace and there are no time pressures, so you can comfortably fit your studies around your other commitments. Once you have completed your course, we issue you with a Certificate and we encourage our students to register with our Job Board so that you will be notified of relevant vacancies as and when they arise. 

Animal jobs are available!

We have many students who have gone through this process with us and have gained employment working with animals! Some have gone on to set up their own animal related businesses and others have gained meaningful employment with animal charities and companies doing a variety of animal related jobs.

Diploma courses

Our courses are designed to help people achieve success by gaining employment working with animals and to set up their own animal care businesses. We are specialists in this field and offer a comprehensive service to help people achieve success in their dream goal of working with animals. 

Student Success Stories:

We are very proud of all our students and their success.  We are delighted to share some of their inspiring success stories with you.  As you can see, dreams do come true!

Angela Walker (completed the Level 3 Award in Canine Care, Behaviour and Welfare)

"I've enjoyed the course it's all been very helpful and I like the way both units where made quite different to keep you motivated. for example photos to prompted answers, short and long questions. doing your own research.

I would like to continue my studies with yourselves. possibly the dog walking, Dog law, first aid. or maybe the Diploma which incorporates the above units I have achieved. I would be looking to study again with yourselves in January/February 2020.

My passed work was in care of people with mental health and learning and challenging behaviours I left this type of work to gain career with dogs 11years ago all my passed qualifications were in care and adult teaching, learning support, NVQ level 3 in care.

I have not studied for 11 years and felt I needed to do something recently I've completed level 2 in counselling and hope to go to college in September to study level 3 counselling as well as the above. I've found my studies have help me to recuperate from my  operation and I have successfully recovered from it now and back working at Dog house boarding kennels. 

In the future with my care work and canine work, plus qualifications I would like to incorporate the 2 and do some kind of therapy.

Dana (completed the Level 2 Award in Canine Care and Behaviour)

"Cons: Not really any, to be honest.

At first, when I enrolled I was feel a little anxious about doing distance learning. But once I started I really enjoyed this, especially being able to do it at my own pace.


  • The course content was excellent.
  • The provision of the 'PDF' documents made good reading and also helped me find other sources of information.....this was very good.
  • The course is structured in a manner that helps you think about and understand the issues surrounding the welfare of dogs.

Working at my own pace helped me with my personal life... I work at a local kennels but I also help care for my Grandma and Grandad (Alzheimer's and dementia)

A big bonus of doing this course is that in now helps me to converse with both my fellow workers and clients in a more professional manner.

I do intend to do the level 3".

Kate Henshaw (completed the Level 2 Award in Canine Care and Behaviour)

"My fiance and I were both brought up in the countryside and both, more importantly, with dogs. Like many, we left the delights of our country homes and fellow pooches behind to pursue careers in the big smoke and have both lived in London for the past ten years. When we met, it didn't take long to realise our shared love for dogs along with our shared disillusion with London life and the crazy-fast-paced world of events we both worked in. 

Our small London flat and mad working lives meant there was never a chance of us owning a dog of our own but we quite often cared for friend's and neighbour's dogs to satisfy this gap in our lives. We hit our early 30's and decided it was time for a change, a big change.

Skip ahead a year or so and we bought our first home together on the coast in Kent, all with the plan to start a business based on our shared love for dogs. We moved, I left my job and it was time to start working out the details around becoming a doggy day care and home boarding provider. One of said details was the requirement to have a qualification in Canine Care and Behaviour, OFQUAL Level 2. I came across Animal Jobs Direct through online research and signed up for their course. A few weeks later I had passed and had my certificate ready to apply for an operating license. 

Kate set up her own business!

I am delighted to say that I have now launched Milo & Co. and am successfully securing bookings for the summer already. I was delighted with the course, my key learnings and the support I received from the team throughout. I could not recommend it highly enough. I am equally delighted that, after a fairly short time, it has enabled me to be officially up and running and for us both to be finally settling into our dream life". 

Sabrina (completed the Level 2 Certificate for Animal Nursing Assistants) April 2019

"When I started this course I was working in retail and distance learning was the perfect solution for matching learning and working commitments. 

The course is really intense, but my amazing tutor Lucy is always here to help, and the efforts are definitely paying back: 4 months after I started this course, I secured a position as vet receptionist in a very big and super modern practice.

My new role, which I am on the moon about, is giving me the possibility to do more training, and to gain experience while I am still learning my course. Recently my employer also confirmed they can accommodate my placement at our big hospital!!

Even I still have in front of me a considerable amount of work to do, and many things to learn, I feel I am getting closer to my dream day after day, and I am definitely happy I took the decision to submit this course!"

Alison Smith (completed Dog Behaviour, Psychology and Training Level 4 Diploma, 2 Day Dog Behaviour and Training Practical and Dog First Aid Emergency Canine Care Qualification)

In 2012 I adopted a rescue dog from Blue Cross and I spent much of my day training her, helping her adjust to family life and walking with her in the Oxfordshire countryside. For 20 years previous to this, I worked in Engineering but as I was spending so much time with her, I decided to set up my own dog walking business instead! I spent every day in the Oxfordshire countryside with a vast array of different dogs, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes. After 5 years I decided I wanted to learn more about these fascinating animals that I spent every day with. I decided to look for a dog behaviour course I could complete online that had an emphasis on dog welfare and taught force-free methods of training. This is how I found the courses at Animal Jobs Direct.

With the encouragement and feedback from my brilliant tutor Lisa, 2 years later I completed the course with an excellent pass. I never thought I’d have the confidence or ability to offer my services as a dog trainer, which involves meeting owners with dogs that need training, and coming up with a bespoke structured training plan that would get results. The way the course is structured and the practical training has done exactly that". 

Alison set up her own business!

Tail Blazer Dog Walking, Training and Behaviour, offers one to one Puppy and Dog Training courses which is going very well - she's already had lots of lovely feedback from dog owners!

Alison is planning to start the Level 5 diploma with Animal Jobs Direct in the Autumn to further increase her knowledge of canine behaviour.

Jen Leslie (completed the Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma course and the Dog Care, Behaviour and Welfare Diploma course)

"From walking dogs as a hobby for a rescue centre to a fully qualified behaviourist with my own successful business (Calvert Canines)- in 5 years- all thanks to AJD! The time has absolutely flown by due to the fascinating and overarching content of the courses, I honestly would forget it is even studying! My confidence in my abilities has grown massively and that is not only due to the thorough course content but the ever supportive tutor who fervently believed in me.  

The independent study of the courses I did was perfect for me. Studying to become a behaviourist isn't about being told what to do and when - it's about learning all the facts, researching all the opinions, and then making up your own mind and developing skills from there.  This prepares you for the reality of taking on behaviour cases - from listening to the dogs family, to observing the dog yourself, to pulling together all the knowledge of dog behaviour you know that is relevant for the dog before you.  It's putting together a puzzle and that takes far more skills than just memorising a text book. 

With a lot of erroneous information about our 4 legged friends still being spread out there it is important as dog professionals to stay up to date and curious.  A long time ago a stranger said to me in an internet conversation about dogs "Why are you questioning what is being said to you?" I forget what the context was, but something to do with a dog showing dominance because they are at the fridge.  Dominance is utterly irrelevant with regards to our relationships with dogs and it is our duty to question these beliefs when they simply cause harm.  This course had me questioning EVERYTHING I thought I knew.  When often your job is to encourage a dog owner to perhaps question their current beliefs too, it is a great learning curve to have gone through that process yourself because you know what a struggle that can be.  But the proof is in the pudding, and with my business I get to share the pudding with clients who can enjoy their relationship with their dogs again. 

A special thank you to Lisa Hird for her dedication in educating the upcoming generation of canine behaviourists to such a high level. I was in safe hands with my education and it's transformed my work life into something I wake up every day looking forward to doing". 

"Enjoy what you do and you'll never work a day in your life"

Jen has now set up her own business! 

Calvert Canines  "offers training and behaviour packages for you and your dog(s) based on connection, relationship and respect. Connection is your biggest tool in dog training and I will show you how to harness it to feel its full power.  With the science of positive reinforcement and an understanding of your dog as a unique being, any training or behaviour issue can be worked through to get the results you desire".

Rebecca Taylor completed 5 Animal Jobs Direct canine courses 

"So glad I found Animal Jobs Direct! I’ve completed 5 courses so far, (4 theory and 1 practical) and thoroughly enjoyed all of them.

What started as an ‘extra curricular’ activity after work to learn more about my own dog, sparked a passion for working with, and helping, other dogs and their owners.

The courses are interesting, enjoyable, and allow self study at your own pace. An assigned tutor is always on hand to provide support, and my own tutor, Lisa, is brilliant. I only wish that other tutors throughout my education had been half as motivating, supportive, and fun; because this is what enables students to succeed!

These courses, and Lisa’s brilliant tutelage, gave me the confidence to ditch my corporate telecoms career and start my own business as a canine behaviourist and trainer. I only wish it hadn’t taken me almost 20 years to realise what it was I wanted to do. Finding and studying with Animal Jobs direct gave me this inspiration. 

It’s never too late. If you’re thinking of starting, or changing, a career to work with animals, I can highly recommend the courses at Animal Jobs Direct.

I’m thoroughly enjoying my new career, and the brilliant people at Animal Jobs Direct enabled me to achieve this. Thank you! "

Rebecca has now set up her own business!:

Lead By Example is an independently owned and professionally run business covering South Wales, and parts of the West of England area. I'm a fully qualified behaviourist and trainer providing relationship centred, welfare focused, reward based learning for canines and their companions. 

Services include behaviour consultations and training for owners, workshops for other pet professionals, and behaviour assessments and workshops for rescue organisations. 

Keith White (completed the Primatology  Diploma course)

"I have always been interested in primates and decided that now was the time for a career change. I therefore, needed to get qualified in order to follow my dream. The Primatology course provided by Animal Jobs Direct ticked all of the boxes for me. 

I found the course extremely interesting and stimulating.  The course notes were detailed enough to encourage further self-study and the feedback was of great benefit to me  I found my course tutor Louise Robson to be extremely helpful and supportive throughout the course and all in all I found it a real pleasure to undertake this subject. I have recently been offered a place on the MSc Primate Conservation course at Oxford Brookes and I know that it's Animal Jobs Direct that have helped me get the opportunity to further my aspirations and could not speak highly enough of the organisation".

5 Star Wildlife Rescue Course Review

Ashleigh Peters (completed the Wildlife First Aid and Rehabilitation Diploma course)

"The Wildlife First Aid & Rehabilitation Diploma enhanced my knowledge of the practical and ethical elements of animal welfare. Having already worked in the field many years ago, I wanted to study a course that would keep me up-to-date on the latest techniques and improve the look of my CV when trying to return to the field of wildlife rescue and rehab. Having no deadlines is great as I was able to fit studying around my home and work life, and didn't feel like the course was a burden. My tutor Louise was always on hand to give feedback and a nice chat about life!

Since starting the course, I was able to gain employment as an animal rescue officer with a small charity and put some of the skills and knowledge I had learnt into practice. I was able to apply many aspects of the course into my work, including suggesting the use of different equipment that the charity had not previously thought of.

Recently, I have just gained full-time employment with the RSPCA at one of the dedicated wildlife centres. During my interview, I was asked about the course content and I believe that having this course on my application really made me stand out against other applicants.

Thank you Louise and Animal Jobs Direct for a fantastic qualification and helping me to my perfect job!

Sue Jones (completed the Dog Grooming Diploma course)

"I left a long career in the IT world to pursue my dream of working with animals, and Rosemary from Crown Clippers has been training me since the end of 2015 whilst working on my Advanced Level 3 Dog Grooming Diploma through Animal Jobs Direct. The course has been very interesting covering aspects from dogs health, behaviour, business and of course dog grooming.

The 2 week practical course was incredible and Kelly and her team were great in teaching me new techniques and helping to encourage and develop my grooming skills. I would recommend the course to anyone wanting to embark on dog grooming as a career, as the support and help that you get is exemplary and unlike other online courses, you get great constructive feedback". 

Sue now works for Crown Clippers Dog and Cat Grooming

Georgie Bardsley (completed the Animal Care and Welfare Management Diploma course)

"Fantastic year of studying: I really enjoyed doing the animal management course and have been fortunate enough to work with animals for the last 2 years. This course was definitely my step in the door to zoo keeping and it was one of the best jobs I've ever had".

Melissa Ilston (completed the Veterinary Practice Receptionist Diploma course)

"The receptionist course helped me greatly in becoming employed as a receptionist at a vets. I recently moved and thought I would struggle finding a receptionist job as I always have done in the past. However when a job opportunity arose I sent my cv across and my now current employers said they were very impressed I had done this course as in general there is little or poor training/qualifications for receptionist.

If it wasn't for this course my course wouldn't have stood out for them and been offered an interview. I'm pleased to also add that it's the best practice and job I've ever had and I'm very happy there".

Rio Babb (completed the Dog Care, Behaviour & Welfare Diploma course)

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Animal Jobs Direct. I studied the Level 3 Diploma in Dog Care, Behaviour and Welfare. I found the course very informative and helpful to better myself in the Canine world. I am now studying the Level 4 Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour and am a volunteer at the National Animal Welfare Trust, helping with the Open Paw Programme and Canine Enrichment. Without Animal Jobs Direct none of this would be possible".

Working with dogs

Peter Gettins (completed the Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business Diploma course & the Practical Dog Walking Course)

"I wanted to find a way to work with animals as a career change and after exhaustive research, I decided that pet sitting and dog walking would be a viable option. I wanted to find a course to study and gain practical experience which would offer me the ability to begin this path. I searched many courses online and chose the Animal Jobs Direct “Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business Diploma Course Level 3” and “Practical Dog Walking Course”.

They offered me the chance to study both the theory and practical elements of both pet sitting and dog walking during the course before putting it all in to practice on the training day. Each module of the course was studied and assessed individually with excellent comments and feedback from my tutor.

The hands on practical day was invaluable and I gained great insight into both the business and practical side of dog walking with once again an excellent tutor who runs her own dog walking business. I was able to complete and pass the courses whilst still working and I have now set up my own full time pet sitting and dog walking business:  

I highly recommend both the course and practical day for anyone thinking of working in pet sitting or dog walking".

Pet Care

Caroline completed the Rehoming Companion Animals Diploma course:

"I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone interested in a role as Rehomer for an animal shelter. 

Studying the course gave me an advantage at my interview, helping me to secure a Re-homing job with a major shelter in the UK.  It has provided me with knowledge of best practice in the industry and this has benefited me in my performance review as it shows a motivation for continuous professional improvement.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, learned a great deal and was strongly supported by my tutor Louise whenever I needed her. She gave exceptionally useful feedback, with relevant examples, and she was always generous with her time and knowledge. She also has helped me to weigh up future study options as I am keen to continue to study with AJD".

Animal jobs

Craig Freedman completed the Animal Behaviour Course and the Primate Conservation, Welfare and Rehabilitation Diploma Course:

"Animal Jobs Direct gave me the information I required in a clear precise way, gave me the support I required and gave me the belief in myself to move forward with my new career. So many companies hide behind computers and documents which leaves you with more questions than answers":

Update: Craig has now found permanent employment and fulfilled his dream to work with Primates!

April Murphy completed the Animal Nursing Assistant Course:

"I recently completed my Animal Nursing Assistant course via Animal Jobs Direct and I can happily say it was fantastic!! This course has helped me so much whereby I now currently work at a Veterinary Practice as an Auxiliary Nurse and because I have completed the course and a position was available, they are forwarding me onto the Veterinary Nursing and starting college in January.

The information you learn in this course is so beneficial for those seeking a career in veterinary nursing. Thankyou so much Animal Jobs Direct and ABC awards for an interesting and insightful course! Cannot thank you enough! This course has literally changed my life and I am living my dream!'

Grooming jobs

Diane Constantinides  completed the Dog Groomer Diploma course:

"When I decided to become a dog groomer I needed an initial combined theory and practical course that would provide me with the basic knowledge and support team that would enable me required to advance dog grooming as my career.

I searched the web and found Animals Job Direct and it ticked all the boxes for me. Affordable, all modules sent to me and marked one at a time and then of course the practical which helped tie it all together, all this and i was able to continue working.

The Animal Jobs Direct course and team gave me the confidence to continue and go on to  open my own grooming business "Bubbles Pet Parlour".

I now work full time in my own business!

Animals Job Direct has allowed me to open doors into the dog and cat grooming world which for me has become valuable and I would recommend this course 100%. My business is successful and I am now studying to teach grooming as well. Heres to the future!"

Jobs with horses

Animal Jobs Direct courses have been designed in consultation with employers to give learners a greatly improved chance of finding employment. Having relevant and recognised training will enhance your career and employment prospects in the animal care sector. 

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