Trap Neuter Return Course

Trap, Neuter  and Return Course
Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) Certificate
Level 3

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Trap, Neuter  and Return Course

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Trap Neuter Return Course

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Continued Professional Development

      This course counts for 20 hours CPD

Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) Certificate Level 3

  • The Trap Neuter Return Course (TNR) has been designed to provide the essential knowledge required for effectively carrying out this valuable animal welfare work.
  • TNR has been proven to be a humane and cost effective way of controlling and stabilising feral cat and dog populations around the world.
  • Using this technique, all the cats or dogs in a colony are trapped, neutered and then returned to their territory where caretakers provide them with food and shelter.
Trap Neuter Return Course (TNR)
Trap Neuter Return Course (TNR)

Continued Professional Development

      This course counts for 20 hours CPD

Module 1

Principles and benefits of TNR

Module 1 examines the concept of TNR and investigates the principles of how this works. The module also includes: How to gain community assistance, create general awareness & effective communication when setting up a TNR project.

Module 2

Humane trapping techniques & equipment required

Learn about how to trap companion animals and the relevant equipment required. The module also includes information about neutering, vaccinations, treatment for injury or illness, testing for FeLV and FIV, euthanasia of animals whose suffering cannot be alleviated, ear tipping, return of animals. The module concludes with how to monitor and evaluate the results.

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Free with this course 2 ebooks - over 600 pages of exclusive content - Volunteering with Animals and Working with Animals, compiled and written by the Animal Jobs Direct team of animal care professionals.

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(Course cost is all inclusive of tutoring fees, assessments, materials and course registration)

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Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) are the processes in which feral dog and cat colonies are managed throughout the world. The TNR method has been practised for over 50 years, but it is not known exactly who pioneered the process. The process of feral dog and cat control was being practised in England dating back to the 1950s. TNR refers to dogs and cats that are feral. Essentially by definition referring to companion pets free roaming and unowned. These populations of feral dogs and cats are more susceptible to illness, disease and shortened - life expectancy. Because of their high mortality rate, it is natural for these dogs and cats to fill the void by reproducing. Feral dogs can breed up to two litters a year, often resulting in up to 10 puppies. Feral cats can reproduce up to two litters also, resulting in up to six kittens a year. These numbers may seem low, however, the numbers can soon add up, resulting in more and more dogs and cats struggling to survive. 

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