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Please visit our canine courses section for more information about the many dog courses that we offer

Our dog courses are designed to help those wanting to start a career working with dogs, as well as those already working with dogs and wanting to gain accredited training. 

There are a great many different careers with dogs; many jobs involve working for dog rescue charities caring for dogs in a hands-on way in various roles such as kennel assistant, behaviourist, charity manager, assistance dog trainer, dog warden, etc. There are also plenty of vacancies working for private companies such as dog boarding kennels, dog grooming salons, dog day care centres, dog handler roles and of course working as a dog behaviourist.

There is also the prospect of working for yourself running your own dog business such as dog home boarding, dog taxi, dog walking etc and we have pet care courses designed to help you set up and run your own pet care business. 


Our career advisers are always happy to assist students with choosing the right courses. For those new to learning about dogs, we suggest the Dog Care, Behaviour and Welfare Diploma course, it's a comprehensive Level 3 course covering many aspects of dog care. The Dog Behaviour, Psychology and Training Diploma course is set at Level 4 and is suitable for working in roles involving dog behaviour and training. The Dog Behaviour Practitioner Diploma course is set at Level 5 and successful completion results in acceptance onto the Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma course.

The Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma course is set at Level 6 and is for those interested in canine behaviour and wanting to work as a canine behaviourist. We also have a selection of practical canine courses for those who prefer to learn in a hands-on way; these courses include canine behaviour and training, canine first aid, canine body language and rescue dog training.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of dogs owned as pets; now 22% of the population in Britain has at least one dog in their household. Dogs are intelligent and they require both mental and physical stimulation, for which they are entirely dependent on humans. The many different roles working with dogs require employees to provide intensive hands-on care. Exercising, feeding, grooming and ensuring environmental enrichment and stimulation are all essential parts of most jobs with dogs. Our canine courses provide comprehensive information about all these aspects and more. 

Dog courses

Many of our canine courses focus on dog behaviour, psychology and training as having an understanding of this subject is crucial for all jobs with dogs in order to prevent dogs developing behavioural problems and to assist dogs with behaviour problems. This is particularly relevant for jobs working with dogs in rescue homes where behavioural assessments are essential for each dog prior to rehoming.

All jobs working with dogs require candidates to have gained relevant training. We have a selection of 2 module Certificate courses (set at Levels 2 and 3), as well as 6 module Diploma courses (Levels 3, 4 and 5), and the 12 module Advanced Canine Behaviour Course (Level 6). We also offer practical training for those wanting to gain hands-on experience with dogs in dog training, first aid and dog rescue environments. 

Please visit our canine courses section for more information about the many dog courses that we offer

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