Animal Campaigner Diploma

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Animal Campaigner Diploma


  • The Animal Campaigner Course explores how to create effective change to improve animal welfare. Campaigning for animals is a career choice for those who are passionate about animal welfare and wish to make a real difference to help alleviate animal suffering.
  • Whether you are new to advocacy, an experienced Campaign Manager, or an individual who wants to create change for animals, this course will assist you in developing your campaigning, advocacy and communications skills.




Campaign Officers are employed by campaigning animal charities who work to heighten awareness about animal welfare issues, with the ultimate aim of solving them. This is an excellent career choice for those who are passionate about animal welfare and wish to make a real difference preventing suffering. Aspects of this work may include: Raising awareness of issues among decision-makers, celebrities and politicians; effectively working with media to broadcast awareness about the issue to a broader audience and preparing effective campaign materials and petitions. This work requires an excellent general knowledge and understanding of current animal welfare issues and this course aims to prepare people for this highly rewarding role.

*You will have access to the course for 6 months only, after which, you can purchase extensions.

Unit 1

Why campaign?

Unit 1 serves as an introduction to the current animal welfare issues. Learn about the animal welfare crisis and the gain an understanding about animal welfare issues and why there is a need for campaigning.

Unit 2

The role of animal campaigning organisations

Learn about animal welfare organisations worldwide and their various objectives.

Learn how to use the law effectively in animal welfare campaigning.

Unit 3

Planning and Delivering a Campaign

Once you have decided on the type of campaign, the next task is to research, plan, develop and deliver your campaign. Learn how to do this using effective campaigning techniques.

Unit 4

Effective Campaigning needs effective communications

Having clear communications is essential. This unit explores how to get people to understand your point of view. Learn how to develop and enhance your media skills.

Unit 5

Creating change with the public, companies and government

Learn how to build effective and long-term relationships and how to effectively deal with opposing viewpoints.

Unit 6

Monitoring progress and ensuring long term change.

Ensuring that the results of your campaigns’  long term solutions is crucial if you are to make a real difference over time. This unit explores how to monitor progress and ensure long term change.

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