Canine Anatomy and Physiology Certificate Course Level 3

This course counts
20 hours CPD

Course Summary


dog-skelitonOur canine anatomy and physiology course is a certificate course designed to be an introduction to the various systems that make up the canine body.

The course is ideal for those wanting to understand how the body works and the influence various body systems have on the rest of the body.  It provides a good starting point for a number of careers.

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The canine body system constantly monitors the internal environment to ensure it functions at the optimum level.

Homeostasis is the term used to describe when the body is completely in balance.  Many every day activities or experiences can affect homeostasis. The body works to counter these changes.  An example of this is when a dog becomes too hot.  Various internal processes cause the dog to seek water and to pant in order to cool down to return the body to homeostasis.

Canine Anatomy & Physiology Course Certificate Level 3

Module 1

Canine Anatomy and Physiology (Part 1)

The first module covers the following body systems: The Canine skeletal system, muscle system, locomotor system, circulatory system, nervous system and the digestive system.

Module 2

Canine Anatomy and Physiology (Part 2)

Module 2 covers the canine urinary system, lymphatic system, respiratory system, skin system and the reproductive system

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