Reptile Welfare Certificate

*You will have access to the course for 12 months only. You can purchase course extensions.

Professional Development
20 hours CPD

Reptile Care and Welfare Certificate Level 3


  • The Reptile Care Course is a 2 module, Level 3 course exclusively about reptile care and welfare.
  • The course will be of interest to all those passionate about the care and welfare of captive reptiles including; veterinary staff, animal charity workers, zoo keepers, pet shop owners, animal welfare officers and reptile keepers.

Caring properly for reptiles is hard-work and can be complex and expensive. Frequently, reptiles are obtained as pets by people who are not aware of reptiles need and this leads to reptiles suffering illness and stress and frequently being given up.

For example, captive reptiles need to be kept in environments very similar to their natural habitats and this means keeping their accommodation at the correct humidity and temperature all year round.

Sadly, 70-90% of reptiles die within their first year kept in captivity. This figure is on top of the staggering 50% that died during the importation process!

This reptile care course has been designed to provide information about the welfare requirements of captive reptiles and it is suitable for anyone considering getting a reptile as a pet, those who already have reptile pets and would like to learn more about them, and for people who work or volunteer for animal charities who care for reptiles.

This is a 2 module course that is studied from home, with full tutor support. The Reptile Care, Welfare and Ethics Diploma course or the Herpetology Diploma course are both suitable as follow on courses.

Module 1

General Health & Welfare needs of captive reptiles including First Aid & Illness

This module of the reptile care care explores the welfare needs of reptiles, both in the wild and in captivity.

Explore their core biological requirements, learn about the common illnesses and treatments.

Module 2

Reptiles as Pets

Reptiles are increasingly being kept as pets. This module explores the reasons why they are so popular and also examines the legal aspects of reptile keeping.

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