Responsible Tourism Diploma

Professional Development
60 hours CPD

Responsible Tourism Diploma Level 3


  • This Responsible Travel Course has been developed by award winning responsible tourism operators.
  • Tourism is the world’s fastest growing industry and brings numerous benefits to many destinations. However, its negative impacts, too often, far out weigh the good. The concept of Responsible Tourism is a response to mainstream tourism.
  • The course is designed to be a career accelerator for those who wish to work in tourism / voluntourism sector and apply themselves to helping animal conservation or community development overseas.


  • The course is deal for people with academic qualifications in conservation / community development / geography / tourism / environmental sciences / and wish to up-skill to implement strategies and design travel in its most compassionate and responsible and sustainable form. Ideal for people wishing to work with animals and local communities abroad and appreciates that responsible tourism can serve as a spring board to getting work in conservation / community development overseas.
  • This Responsible Travel Course is also ideal for people working in the travel industry who wish to expand understanding and seek career opportunities in responsible tourism and for those who wish to career change and try their hand in designing travel that helps support a worthy cause abroad and make a difference through travel.

*You will have access to the course for 12 months only. You can purchase course extensions.


The Born Free Foundation is a dynamic international wildlife charity, devoted to compassionate conservation and animal welfare.

We support the work of Born Free and donate 15% of each enrolment on this course to the charity.

Working with Born Freeborn-free

Module 1

What is Responsible Tourism?

The aim of Responsible Tourism is to enhance the positive and to reduce the impact tourism can make at a destination. Responsible travel is about everyone taking responsibility for their actions, from tour operators to local governments, to the host communities and tourists themselves.

This module of the Responsible Travel Course explores how to minimise the negative economic & social impacts, and adopt environmentally friendly practices that contribute to and support local animal and conservation efforts.

Module 2

Understanding Responsible Voluntourism

Some of the most endangered animals of the world are found in dream holiday destinations. Orang-utans remain synonymous to Borneo, tigers to India and lions to Africa.

Responsible tourism can be used as a tool for endangered animal conservation. This module explores responsible ways in which to volunteer or to work with animals.

Module 3

Animal Welfare, Conservation & Tourism 1

Animal welfare considerations are an important issue within the responsible tourism agenda. This module explores which types of tourism are acceptable and promote conservation and the well being of animals.

Module 4

Animal Welfare, Conservation & Tourism 2

Primates help define a destination. Gorilla to Uganda and Rwanda. Orangutans to Borneo etc. For many, this has become one of the motivation factors to travel to that destination. The tourism revenue is very significant to tourism and wildlife and the local government.

This module explores the potential negative impacts of tourism on primates & how carefully managed tourism helps to minimise potential negative impacts on animals.

Module 5

Design your own Responsible Tourism Itinerary

Learn how structured engagement between the responsible traveller and animal or conservation experience, delivered in a way that makes a difference to these causes, ensures meaningful and experiential travel.

Module 6

Communication & Managing Perceptions

This module explores how a responsible travel company works in partnership with a responsible supplier.

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