Tissue Healing Processes

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This short qualification will allow learners to develop knowledge of the tissue healing process in relation to hydrotherapy. Learners will explore factors that may affect this process, types of pain, and timing of hydrotherapy treatment.

The qualification will complement the knowledge base of those working in hydrotherapy or those interested in working in this area.

Course Unit

Tissue Healing Processes

This unit explores the tissue healing processes. 

Learners will explore:

  • The factors affecting tissue healing.
  • Pain and its effect on hydrotherapy treatment planning.
  • The timing of hydrotherapy in relation to tissue healing.


cat training in waterAn animal hydrotherapy session is commonly used as a form of rehabilitation following an injury or major surgery. Vets will refer animal owners to a certified hydrotherapist who will review their case before creating a suitable course of treatment. Hydrotherapy is an excellent way to gradually improve strength and conditioning as it is low-impact. 


Hydrotherapy is also used to help animals manage their weight. There is a lower risk of injury due to it being a low impact form of exercise. Hydrotherapy is also a great stress-busting activity, which can help improve overall circulation and reduce joint and muscle pain.

Working as a Hydrotherapist

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Hydrotherapists tend to have a real passion for animals and their well-being.

There is a great deal of flexibility in a hydrotherapy career. You could begin your career working for an organisation that offers hydrotherapy treatments or set up your own business. Depending on your client base, your hours are likely to be very flexible and can be managed on a full-time or part-time basis.  It is worth keeping in mind that weekend work is typical in this profession.

*You will have access to the course for 24 months only.

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