Cat Courses 

We offer accredited Cat Courses ranging from 2 module certificated feline care & welfare courses to more advanced level Feline Behaviour Diploma courses and a Cat Grooming Course

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About us, our accreditation and how to enrol on our cat courses 

These accredited distance learning courses are for students who are looking for a career with cats or animal care professionals  working with cats and would like to learn more about their behaviour and care. The student will gain a thorough grounding in feline care behaviour and welfare. All our distance learning courses are offered to students worldwide. The Diploma courses take an average of 6 months to complete.

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Cat Behaviour Course

Dealing with
Common Behaviour Problems

Cat Grooming & Health

Cat Care Welfare and Behaviour

Feline First Aid

Feline Nutrition

Cat Courses: Certificates

These distance learning 2 module certificate courses take an average of 2 months to complete. Most are pitched at level 3 which is equivalent to A level standard. Three or more certificates can be combined into a diploma course and range from feline first aid and cat nutrition to general care and welfare. They are designed for owners and animal care professionals who want to improve their knowledge of cat care behaviour and welfare. 

Feline Care and Welfare

Stray & Feral Welfare Management

Companion Animal Behaviour

Kennel and Cattery Management

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