Veterinary Volunteer Jobs

Listed below are worldwide Veterinary Volunteer Jobs  and work experience for vet students. 

The following organisations run various animal welfare projects worldwide that offer veterinary services and are looking for veterinary surgeons and nurses or those hoping to train as veterinary surgeons, nurses or veterinary assistants, who are willing to help. Newly qualified vets find this a great way of gaining experience. Please download our Volunteering with Animals ebook for information about more organisations offering veterinary volunteer jobs.

Volunteering for wildlife conservation is a great way to gain valuable veterinary industry experience. With a diverse selection of programs and locations, GoEco is bringing veterinary placements for volunteers from locations worldwide. Discover Cape Town while providing much need Veterinary Assistance in an Animal Shelter; Join the Zimbabwe Wildlife Orphanage where you can assist in the rehabilitation of injured animals, work with natures gentle giants in the Thailand Elephant Rescue Project, or discover the Cosa Rica Animal Rescue Center.  There is no better way to explore unique locations while displaying your passion for working with animals in our hands-on effective programs. 

Veterinary Volunteer Jobs

The Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary Experience gives you the opportunity to work closely with a wildlife veterinarian. The project is based in some of the most wildlife-rich areas in southern Africa. Volunteers will join the practice and day-to-day activities of an experienced wildlife veterinarian in the field and, depending on the vet, sometimes in a clinic.

Jordan veterinary project:

An opportunity for qualified vets to gain experience in a clinic in Amman. Experience a different culture and provide much needed medical support. 

Personal Overseas Development (PoD) offer you the opportunity to work as a clinical assistant in a veterinary clinic in Thailand. You will be trained whilst you are there, although previous training is always welcomed. You will be helping to care for dogs and cats, and perhaps a few other animals too! The nursing centres are based on Koh Phangan and Koh Lanta so you get the chance to do hands on work whilst living an amazing lifestyle on these beautiful islands! The project is available for 4 weeks – 3 months. We also offer other animal projects in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

Vets Go Wild Worldwide Experience

Take part in Vets Go Wild – as seen on ITV’s Safari Vet School!

If you are looking for a hands-on Africa vet experience and need to fulfil a portion of your Extra Mural Study (EMS) requirements, Vets Go Wild have the perfect animal care courses for you, featuring the opportunity to work with vets in South Africa. The programme is designed for vet and vet nurse students who have a interest and passion for wildlife and designed to be both adventuress and educational. 

Stray & Feral Cat and Dog Welfare

Effective and Humane Handling and Restraint Course

Wildlife First Aid & Rehabilitation Diploma Course with 1 Week Practical 

Pre Veterinary Nurse Course

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