At Animal Jobs Direct, we’re lucky enough to work with people who really care about animals. That’s why we introduced our Animal Campaigner Course.  An Animal Campaign Officer is an incredibly important position within an animal charity; they’re the voice of the cause. Animal campaigners make the case for animal welfare. They change the minds and hearts of decision makers – politicians, celebrities, local business people – and get whole communities working towards a goal. 

Could I be an Animal Campaign Officer?

Not everyone is cut out for this kind of work.  You have to be really, truly passionate about animal welfare. Animal campaigning will take up a lot of your time and it can be extremely and emotionally draining. Do you think you can take the mental strain for the sake of animal welfare?

You have to be persuasive. You’ll be pitted against people who don’t agree with you, people who don’t really care, and people who do care but want to go about things in inefficient ways.

You have to be on the ball. You could end up being the go-to person for quotes and info about animal welfare in your area or field. Can you keep up – and can you formulate quick responses?

How do I become an Animal Campaigner?

The first step is taking our course, which is thorough and affordable. You will learn about the current issues facing animal welfare; what animal campaigning groups can do about it; how to make a difference; and how to make sure the changes you make stick around for the long term.

When you’ve got a solid knowledge base, you can apply for jobs within animal welfare organisations (the RSPCA is an obvious example in the UK). You may wish to start with a part-time or volunteer role as you build up on-the-ground experience.

From there, you may choose to continue your campaigning career within the framework of an already established organisation, or you might want to start your own. Some campaigners realise that the cause they want to fight for needs a new, dedicated team to work on it.

Whichever route you choose, we hope you’ll find all the knowledge you need here. Contact us if you want any more information.