Dog grooming in any weather can be a nightmare to deal with, but combined with the unsettled weather of Autumn and Winter and it may seem like an impossible task to get your head around. There is also an increasing amount of health risks to work your way around, so staying on top of things is absolutely essential.

Stay on top of flea treatments

This may seem like a no brainer, but you need to make sure you’re giving your dog regular flea treatments throughout these year-round. In colder weather, fleas are more likely to search for the warmer temperatures of the home to settle and grow in numbers, meaning that your dog, and your family, could be at risk. Maintaining flea treatments will not only deter fleas from infesting on your four-legged friend, but is more likely to prevent them from settling in your home. Regular home vacuuming will also kill any flea larvae, eradicating any potential for growth and reproduction.

Invest in a warm winter coat

We know that you’ll want to keep warm and dry when out on those autumnal evening walkies, but in this case, we mean a lovely warm coat for your dog. This will help to keep them protected from the elements, from rain and wind, to mud and even snow, ensuring that they stay warm and happy and are protected against potential illnesses. These will also simplify your grooming routine throughout the season, as the covering will prevent unnecessary mud and water splash over your dog’s fur. A highly-visible coat will also make sure your dog can be seen at all times, particularly during times of low light.

Beware of harmful foods and awkward plants

When out on a walk, it can be easy to get lost in games of fetch and enjoying the scenery around you – especially in the countryside and on forest paths. Throughout autumn and winter, however, you may come across a number of plants that would be difficult to remove when caught in your dog’s fur, and mushrooms that are highly toxic should your dog eat them. Most plants and mushrooms are usually fine, but if you have any concerns over something that your dog ate whilst out on a walk, contact your vet immediately.

Prepare for the mud

With the cold wet weather, comes a dog’s best friend and possibly your worst enemy: mud. It’s inevitable, inescapable, so you need to make sure that you’re prepared and ready to tackle it. Regular baths and brushing are advised to clear off any dirt and keep their thick winter coats clean and smooth, and the products you use are just as important. There are a range of shampoo’s available that help to clean dirt and grime, as well as keep fleas at bay, so you’re tackling two key winter troubles in one. Keeping a travel towel and grooming brush on hand in the car will also help you to deal with any mud build-up when you go on any longer excursions. You can even by a dog equivalent of dry shampoo for a quick post-walk mud cleaning fix!

These are just a handful of tips that will help keep your dog clean, happy, and healthy throughout the winter months without compromising on the quality of exercise they receive. At Animal Jobs direct, we’re passionate about all things animals, and we’re here to help you find the perfect career, or course for you. If you feel like you could do with more information on how best to tackle dog grooming throughout Autumn and Winter, or are interested in taking up dog grooming as a professional career, visit Animal Jobs Direct today to view our excellent range of dog grooming courses.