Animal Jobs Europe

Here are a few organisations that may offer vacancies from time to time.

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Lanta Animal Welfare Lanta Animal Welfare runs neutering projects and provides first aid to ill and injured animals (pets or strays) as there is no vet on the island and educate inhabitants on animal care and what can be done to solve the problem of overpopulation.

Earthwatch Institute Animal Jobs Europe promotes sustainable conservation of natural resources and cultural heritage through creating partnerships between scientists, educators and the general public. Their European office is in Oxford with a 4.5 million turnover and jobs advertised regularly.

MEDASSET – The Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles is an international non-governmental organisation founded in 1988, working for the conservation of sea turtles and their habitats throughout the Mediterranean. It has been involved in conservation and scientific research programmes, public awareness, environmental education and lobbying decision-makers.

Nature Watch aims to promote the prevent cruelty and to conduct and support the publication of information about animal welfare. They condemn all illegal activity, and believe that an evolutionary approach is better than a revolutionary one. Their main campaigns are on animal experiments (in particular those which cause brain damage to primates), badger baiting, and live transport across Europe. Their charitable wing, the Naturewatch Foundation, is involved in pioneering work in Eastern Europe, particularly in Lithuania and Ukraine.


Ulster Wildlife Trust are passionate about the vital role local people have to play in securing a healthy future for our environment. Without a biodiverse environment, with healthy ecosystems and a wide range of species and habitats, we are all under threat – people and wildlife. Ulster Wildlife Trust believe in taking local nature conservation action to secure the survival of life, acting locally, thinking globally.


Four Paws Austria, aims to help mistreated animals and to achieve long-term, legally binding improvements for farm animals, laboratory and companion animals and wildlife.


AAP, Netherlands is based in the Netherlands in Almere, they assist exotic animals.


APAM (Animal Protection Association from Minis, Arad) this organisation provides shelter to foster abandoned animals. They work to save as many animals as possible, to control the numbers through neutering and to find homes for animals in need.

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Job Seekers who can show relevant training on their CV, stand a much better chance of gaining an interview and employment. We can assist with free careers advice and training for work in most aspects of animal care. Please have a look at the subjects we offer and get in touch with our career advisors for advice.

All our students are assigned their own personal tutor who provides support throughout a students studies with us. You will also receive a free copy of our Working with Animals and our Volunteering with Animals ebooks. These are packed with information about careers with animals, jobs with animals, training options and links to the latest information about animal care recruitment and training.