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baby-cat-feedAnimal Care Jobs: There are many different types of animal welfare charities in the UK and throughout the world and consequently there are many animal charity jobs.

Animal charities throughout the world vary in type, size and function. Charities such as the RSPCA, Blue Cross, People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA), Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Dogs Trust, National Animal Welfare Trust and Cats Protection operate a number of national programmes and initiatives. Most of them run clinics, hospitals and rescue homes around the country and all of these require staff.

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dog-treatmentThere are several large international animal welfare charities that deal with worldwide animal welfare issues involving campaigning, animal disaster management, animal rescue, cruelty prevention and education. Some focus on specific concerns such as farming and wildlife, others deal specifically with companion animals.

There are also many smaller regional animal charities – working locally to provide animal welfare services, promote animal adoptions and to deal with animal welfare problems and all of these regularly hire staff.


Animal Jobs Direct offers courses specifically designed for a variety of roles working in animal charities, please take a look at our accredited animal charity courses. 

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Some animal charities have the primary role of campaigning for animal rights. Their work is largely office based, with few having animal holding facilities of any sort. Although the animal care jobs offered by these charities may not involve direct work with animals, working for these types of organisations can be just as rewarding as hands-on with animals roles, achieving great successes for the welfare of many animals.

Animal Campaigning organisations assist many animals through education, raising awareness and highlighting animal suffering, raising funds to assist hands-on organisations, and campaigning for better legislation for the protection of animals. Some of the current animal welfare issues include: Intensive animal farming, inhumane slaughtering, hunting, the exotic pet trade, dog fighting, international animal cruelty/welfare problems and the overpopulation of companion animals.

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