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women-clean-enquineThere are many different jobs with horses and many are based in stables cleaning, feeding, exercising and caring for horses. Working with horses usually involves tough outdoor work in all weathers; it may be hard and grubby work, but jobs with horses can be immensely rewarding. If you are working for a stable yard, you may be required to live on site and it is advantageous if you are able to drive as your work may at times involve transporting horses. It helps to be an organised people when working around horses as stable jobs involve following routines and procedures. Stable workers ensure that stables are kept clean and well maintained and that horses receive high standards of daily care ensuring welfare standards are adhered to.

We assist equine related companies and animal charities to fill their equine vacancies and consequently, we know what sort of training employers are looking for. We have developed several equine training courses and these accredited courses are designed to enhance career and employment prospects in various aspects of horse care.

There are various different careers with horses, please get in touch with us for advice or explore the careers section of our site for more information.

For most equine jobs, it is important to have relevant training.

Stable yards, horse riding schools, trekking/adventure centres and horse welfare charities are the biggest equine employers. Job Seekers stand a better chance of gaining an interview and employment if they are able to show that they have undertaken relevant training.

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The Practical Stable Management course is designed for those who prefer to study in a hands-on way and it consists of 2 intensive training days where students learn all about stable management.

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