Career with Horses

Career with Horses

For a career with horses, it is crucial to have relevant training as without this, your CV won't get noticed.

Looking for an equine career? Here are a few options:

1. Horse Racing careers:

Stable Hand: Jobs in horse stables are the starting point for many equine careers. Some form of stable work forms part of most jobs working with horses. 

Head Lad/Lass: Involves over-seeing the stable hands and ensuring that the yard is well run. 

Travelling Head Lad/Lass: This role is all about having responsibility for Stable Hands and horses travelling to races anywhere in the world. 

Assistant Trainer: Works closely with the Trainer to ensure that racing and training schedules are adhered to. 

Trainer: is responsible for ensuring that the race horses are fit and able to perform to their best ability in a race. 

Jockey: Most Jockeys begin their careers as Stable Hands and those with real potential and aptitude are selected to train as jockeys after graduating from a racing school.

Career with Horses

2. Horse Breeding careers:

Stud Hand: Responsible for the welfare and care of thoroughbred foals and mares.

Stallion Handler: Responsible for the care and welfare of racing stallions. 

Stud Groom: Responsible for horse breeding and for the management and training of the Stud Hands. 

Stud Manager: This is a highly responsible yet varied career and in many cases the Stud Manager is also the Owner of the Stud Farm.

3. Other careers with horses:

Farrier: The work of a Farrier involves the specialist care of horse hooves and horseshoeing.

Saddler: This is a fantastic career for a creative person and once you have qualified, setting up your own business as a Master Saddler is a good business option.

Riding Instructor: Responsible for teaching people to ride horses; either individually or as a group.

Mounted Police: Their work includes; high visibility patrols, public order duties as well as specific crime initiatives and specialist events, such as trooping the colour.

Army Mounted Units: There are 2 mounted units in the army: The Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery and the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment.

Equine Physiotherapist: The racing industry requires physiotherapists to be available on site and to care for horses recovering from racing injuries.

Horse Rescue Charities: There are many equine charities that require a number of employees who not only care for the horses but also have an understanding of the process of rehabilitation.

Other Horse Careers include Equine Dentist and Equine Veterinary Nurse. 

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