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We offer several equine courses, some studied online and one that is practical based. Working with horses is a popular animal career and there are many employers in this sector. Most horses in the UK are owned by individuals. Their owners and riders spend over 950 million pounds per year on them. As a result there are a large number of employment possibilities across the equine sector. Whilst the largest is racing, there are also many animal charities that specifically care for abandoned, unwanted and abused horses.


Equine Courses

girl-working-at-a-stableThere are many career options working with horses. These broadly fit into a variety of Horse Racing careers and Horse Breeding careers and several others including working for horse rescue charities, army/police mounted units, saddler, farrier, equine VN and equine dentistry.

Working for a stable is the most common type of job working with horses. This is very hands-on work and requires hard physical work and a good understanding of horse care and welfare.

Woman-providing-first-aid-to-EquineThe Horse Care, Behaviour and Welfare Diploma course is relevant training for working in a stables and for many other different careers with horses as it explores the welfare, care and behaviour of horses. This Level 3 accredited course also includes information on anatomy, psychology, nutrition, health, handling, transport and equine welfare.

The Equine First Aid Certificate course is a 2 module online course that deals with how to provide first aid for injured horses and how to assemble an equine first aid kit. The course also covers common equine illnesses, how to prevent injury or sickness, how to handle an injured or sick horse and stable requirements for injured horses. This is a valuable course for anyone working or volunteering with horses.

Equine-Ethics-and-CareAlthough being able to ride a horse is a useful skill for most jobs with horses, it is not essential for all horse jobs. Stud work and some stable jobs may not involve much riding initially, handling and riding can be improved upon as the role progresses. However, someone who can confidently ride is the most sought after employee.

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