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We offer accredited Cat Courses ranging from 2 module certificated feline care & welfare courses to more advanced level Feline Behaviour Diploma courses and a Cat Grooming Course.

These accredited distance learning cat courses are for students who are looking for a career with cats or animal care professionals  working with cats and would like to learn more about their behaviour and care. The student will gain a thorough grounding in feline care behaviour and welfare. All our distance learning courses are offered to students worldwide. The Diploma courses take an average of 6 months to complete.

Do you own or work in a Boarding Cattery?

Defra has recently introduced a significant change with the Animal Activity Licensing Regulations 2018. 

As from 1st October 2018, staff running or working for Boarding Catteries must have a minimum of an Ofqual regulated Level 2 qualification in a relevant subject.

Or, to meet the Higher Standard, a member of staff with a relevant Ofqual regulated Level 3 qualification must be present during the working day.

The Level 3 Diploma in Feline Care, Behaviour and Welfare Qualification meets the Higher Standard Animal Activity Licensing Regulation requirements for Boarding Catteries. 

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Ofqual Regulated Qualification: 603/4154/3

Level 2 Diploma in Feline Care and Behaviour

Level 2 Award in Feline Care and Behaviour  Qualification

This Level 2 Award Feline Care and Behaviour is a regulated qualification providing training aimed at learners who wish to work with cats. 

This Qualification meets the Animal Activities Licensing Basic Standard requirements.

Course Price: £350

Level 3 Diploma in Feline Care
Aim awards

Ofqual Qualification Code: 603/3806/4

Level 3 Diploma in Feline Care, Behaviour and Welfare 

Level 3 Diploma in Feline Care, Behaviour and Welfare Qualification

The Level 3 Diploma in Feline Care, Behaviour and Welfare is an Ofqual regulated qualification that is suitable for anyone working with cats. 

This Qualification meets the Animal Activities Licensing Higher Standard requirements.

Course Price: £899

Cat Behaviour & Psychology Course

Cat Behaviour & Psychology Course

The Cat Behaviour & Psychology Course teaches about the psychological and physiological factors that influence cat behaviour.

Course Price:  £499

Advanced Feline Behaviour Diploma

Advanced Feline Behaviour Diploma Course Level 4

This interesting and challenging 4 module Advanced Feline Behaviour Diploma Course course is perfect for those interested in studying advanced behaviour and psychology.

Course Price:  £399

Cat Grooming & Health Course

Cat Grooming  & Health

The Cat Grooming & Health Course was designed for those interested in careers with cats in boarding catteries, rescue homes, veterinary practices or is just grooming their pet at home.

Course Price:  £399

Stray & Feral Welfare Management

Stray & Feral Welfare Management

The Stray & Feral Welfare Management is an introduction to the subject of assisting stray and feral dogs and cats.

Course Price:  £399

Kennel and Cattery Management

Kennel and Cattery Management

This Kennel and Cattery management course is for those working in kennel or cattery management in private or council run boarding. The course includes an optional practical placement.

Course Price:  £699

Companion Animal Behaviour

Companion Animal Behaviour

The Companion Animal Behaviour course focuses on the behaviour and psychology of dogs, cats and rabbits. The course is relevant for pet owners and those working in the dog, cat and rabbit care sector.

Course Price:  £199

Cat Courses: Certificates

These distance learning 2 module certificate courses take an average of 2 months to complete. Most are pitched at level 3 which is equivalent to A level standard. Three or more certificates can be combined into a diploma course and range from feline first aid and cat nutrition to general care and welfare. They are designed for owners and animal care professionals who want to improve their knowledge of cat care behaviour and welfare. 

Feline Nutrition Course

Feline Nutrition

The Feline Nutrition Course was created for cat owners and those working with or wanting to work caring for cats.

Course Price:  £165

Feline First Aid Certificate Course

Feline First Aid

This 2 module theory Feline First Aid Certificate Course covers the objectives and basics of first aid, what should be in a first aid kit and creating a safe environment.

Course Price:  £165

Dealing with Common Behaviour Problems Course

Dealing with Common Behaviour Problems

This Dealing with Common Behaviour Problems course is perfect for understanding of why cats behave the way they do.

Course Price:  £165

Cat Behaviour Course

Cat Behaviour Course

The Cat Behaviour Certificate is all about the domestic cat origins and general behaviours and anatomy of a cat.

Course Price:  £165

Cattery Business Certificate

Cattery Business Certificate

The Cattery Business Course serves as a guide for those thinking of opening their own cattery.

Course Price:  £165

PP Guild - Proud Member

No Pain. No Force. No Fear.

Animal Jobs Direct is passionate about welfare and are proud to be a Corporate member of the Pet Professional Guild. The Pet Professional Guild is the only membership organisation for professionals who subscribe to the view that aversive methods should never be used - or even deemed necessary - in the training or behaviour modification of any animal.

Animal Jobs Direct wholeheartedly support this view and all of our courses, whether canine, feline or other animals are written with this ethos. We advocate force free training throughout all of our theory and practical courses. We also believe that experienced trainers must begin their behaviour change programs with the least invasive and least aversive training protocols necessary to change the problem behaviour.

About us, our accreditation and how to enrol on our cat courses 

Most careers working with cats are hands-on, involving working in boarding or rescue catteries (as a cattery assistant or cattery manager). There are also jobs working as a cat groomer, cat sitter and cat behaviourist. 

Most animal shelters have cattery accommodation and therefore hire cattery staff to assist with the cats in their care. Cats are often given up by owners for various reasons including: Owner moving, allergies, cost of caring for the cat, high veterinary bills, cat has kittens and owner can't find homes for them, cat develops behavioural problems, cat killing birds/other small animals, etc. Whilst there are many neutering schemes in place, there are still people who don't get their cat neutered or insist on breeding from them and therefore there are sadly too many cats and not enough good homes, hence most animal shelters have catteries full to capacity and rely on well trained staff and volunteers.

Our Cat Care, Behaviour and Welfare Diploma course is the course of choice for people wanting to work with cats. This comprehensive, accredited course includes information about cat health & welfare, nutrition, behaviour & psychology, environmental enrichment, grooming, transport, handling etc. 

Cattery Business Certificate

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