When it comes to careers with animals, the equine industry is a class apart. The sector is both highly demanding and highly rewarding in equal measures. Here’s what you’ll need to make it:

1. Physical fitness

There are very few office based roles in the equine industry and most positions require yard work, particularly when starting out. This is serious physical labour, moving barrows of muck, carrying buckets of water, filling and carrying nets, not to mention riding horses. The fitter you are at the start, the easier you will cope

2. A real love of the outdoors

You’re going to be outside. Lots. In literally all weathers. It’s really not enough to think you love being outside – you have to know you do, even when it’s blowing a gale, pouring rain and freezing!

3. An ability to get by on limited finances

There are better-paid jobs in the horse industry and this is what you work towards, but it’s a long slow road. Trainee positions carry notoriously low wages. To be able to survive starting out on a relative pittance, you need a family willing to support you, some savings to carry you through, or outstanding money management skills.

4. Knowledge and skill

To get to the top in this industry you have to know your stuff and then demonstrate that you do. In addition to the knowledge of the animal itself, the range of relevant management and training techniques and the myriad potential ailments they can experience, you have to be able to demonstrate the practical skills need in terms of horse care – anything from safe handling to clipping, trimming and plaiting.

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