Careers With Animals 

Careers with Animals involve having relevant training and being able to demonstrate a genuine interest in animal welfare. A recognised Diploma or Certificate course will ensure that you have a good chance of being employed in the animal care sector. 

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Careers with animals are varied and rewarding; there is a tremendous choice of different career options and these include: Animal Charity careers, Careers with Cats, Careers with Dogs, Careers with Horses, Marine and Aquaria Careers, Veterinary Careers, Careers with Wildlife, Careers in Zoos and Safari Parks and many other careers with animals such as Animal Therapist, Animal Photographer, working in Pet Shops, Pet Taxi Driver, Farm Manager and more. Many people instinctively have a desire to care for animals and begin working with them from a young age. For others, working with animals is a rewarding career change that enables the fulfilment of a lifelong dream.

A career with animals involves either working hands-on with animals: eg, Veterinary, Animal Nursing, Dog Wardens, Inspectors, Animal Care Assistants, Behaviourists, Animal Handlers, or working in an office based role, for example animal charity management, fundraising, administration, campaigning, etc.

Many people wanting to pursue careers with animals have no animal welfare experience and are not sure where to begin, which career option to follow or what job opportunities are available. This is where Animal Jobs Direct assists - we offer free careers and training advice to anyone wanting to work with animals. We work closely with many animal charities and businesses, providing recruitment assistance and advice to assist with finding the right candidates for many jobs working with animals. Our team understand what employers are looking for - job seekers who can show they have had relevant training stand a much better chance of interview and job offers than someone who wants to work with animals but hasn't any training nor experience.

We are able to assist job seekers decide on the career with animals that most suits them, we also advise on the most relevant training and offer a huge selection of accredited animal care and welfare diploma and certificate courses. Our courses have been designed in consultation with employers and have been created to the highest standards ensuring that our students gain useful animal care knowledge as well as valuable training.

If you want a follow a career with animals, please get in touch with our team; we hope to inspire you and help you to find an appropriate and rewarding career with animals according to your skills, experience and personal interests.

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