Volunteer with Animals Africa

Volunteer with Animals Africa: Here are a few organisations that are accept volunteers to assist them with their animal welfare work in Africa. Some deal specifically with wildlife, others with companion animals and several with both. Spending time with an organisation in Africa, can be one of the best ways to gain work experience; this along with relevant training (which can be done whilst you are volunteering), will ensure that your CV stands out to employers.

GoEco is a leading resource for unique wildlife volunteering projects in Africa. We act as a gateway to global conservation initiatives all over Africa and the world. With a diverse selection of affordable projects, volunteers can contribute to the Cheetah and African Wild Dog Sanctuary in South AfricaWildlife SanctuaryAfrican Wildlife Orphanage in Zimbabwe, and many more. These programs allow volunteers to interact with wild animals and experience all that Africa has to offer.

Volunteer in Africa with Frontier.
We have a huge range of opportunities in Africa, including wildlife and marine conservation, teachingsports coaching,  and community development.

The Madagascar Wildlife Conservation project gives volunteers the chance to learn wildlife surveying techniques and work with local communities to promote sustainable conservation. This project can be a great start to a career in wildlife conservation.

The Tanzania Marine Conservation and Diving project provides an opportunity to gain your PADI diving qualifications while carrying out marine survey & conservation work on a protected marine park on a picturesque Tanzanian spice island.

Alternatively, join our Namibia Wildlife Conservation & Sanctuary project for the chance to work with cheetahs, baboons, lions and leopards. This work can include rescuing and rehabilitating these fascinating animals as well as tracking wild animals to help with ongoing conservation initiatives.

African Conservation Experience Volunteer Programmes

Have you ever wanted to foster a baby rhino, track wild leopard or study whales and dolphins in their natural environment?  Open your eyes to a whole new world and way of looking at the natural environment.  We support vital conservation projects in our heritage region of southern Africa and with over 10 years experience we are able to assist volunteers with our personal knowledge. Whether on a gap year, career break, retired or with family, you can help us preserve some of the most diverse and vulnerable ecosystems on Earth.

Lion conservation volunteering South Africa

Volunteer with animals at LIONSROCK, South Africa’s largest sanctuary for abused and mistreated big cats.You won't just see lions here however. The sanctuary is home to other big cats and a rich variety of game species including zebra, wildebeest, impala, springbok and many more. As well as contributing to some valuable rescue and rehabilitation work, you will also be carrying out research into the behaviour and interactions of lions within a group and between neighbouring lion groups. 

Monkey rehabilitation volunteering South Africa
Become a part of the volunteering family at this monkey reserve. With over 400 monkeys and baboons no two days will ever be the same; enjoy hands on time with the monkeys and make the most of the beautiful scenery. 

Shark conservation volunteering South Africa:
If cage diving with sharks, learning about underwater photography and marine conservation all appeal to you, then this is the perfect volunteer project for you. 

Elephant conservation volunteering South Africa
Another great chance to be a volunteer working with animals; join a team of committed conservationists working with 12 resident elephants undertaking research and providing a home for displaced ellies. 

Kaya Responsible Travel
has volunteer vacancies in Asia, Africa and Latin America for their wildlife and conservation projects.

Kaya works alongside conservation and community projects across Asia, Africa and Latin America who need the help of volunteers for projects from 2 weeks to 6 months. Volunteering with animals in Africa is an extremely rewarding experience. Positions available accommodate to your skills and experience, so every volunteer is fully utilised. Work with Lions, chimpanzees, whale sharks, turtles, elephants, horses, macaws and many other species in breeding and rehabilitation programs, habitat preservation, rescue centres, protection programs and education centres. Experience the real wild and make a real difference. 

Become an animal conservation volunteerand become part of the conservation and animal management teams on your game reserve of choice. Become part of the back stage running of the reserve and get involved in all the aspects of research, animal monitoring and general reserve maintenance. Our wildlife conservation and gap year placements for students and adults have been established with the needs of the game reserves or conservation projects in mind. No experience is required, only a passion for the project you have chosen. Your conservation work with animals will be meaningful, as well as a once in a life time experience!

Personal Overseas Development (PoD) offers a number of exciting volunteering opportunities based in South Africa. Whether you want to get up close and personal with a cheetah, ride horses along the Indian Ocean coast whilst watching dolphins nearby, research and care for the largest land mammal; the elephant, get to know a variety of species of monkey or be involved in wildlife conservation research in a Big 5 reserve, we have the project for you. Our projects range from 1 week to 6 months. We also offer animal projects in Asia and the Caribbean.

Horse Rehabilitation Volunteer
An exciting opportunity to work hands on with horses on the South African coast. The project is designed to care for previously abused or neglected horses. As well as the rehabilitation side of the project, you will also have the opportunity to help out with beach and bush horse trails. You will get to enjoy the Indian Ocean, the beaches, the dolphins, the dunes and of course the horses!

Volunteer on our Animal Care project in South Africa and work with domestic animals such as cats and dogs. You will help with activities such as feeding the animals, washing them and taking them for walks. Alternatively, you could work at a seabird rehabilitation centre specialising in rescuing injured penguins. Volunteers will help with cleaning, maintenance work, feeding the birds, and rehabilitating injured birds.

On our Conservation placement in Kenya you will work with the Rothschild giraffe, one of the most endangered giraffe subspecies in the world.You can get involved with tasks such as tracking, observing and creating I.D sheets for the giraffes. Volunteers will also help with removing traps and snares, conducting mammal inventories, constructing water holes, and anti-poaching patrols.

Volunteers on our Conservation project in South Africa can help to conserve hyenas, elephants, and many other African animal species. You can take part in a wide variety of activities, such as studying elephant populations, baobab tree surveys, patrolling for snares, predator tracking, developing elephant identikits, constructing natural water holes, anti-poaching patrols, community education, removing old fencing wire and building viewing hides.

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