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Animal Charities employ many staff and there are many different types of jobs working for animal charities. Roles working for an animal charity can include hands-on kennel and cattery work, re-homing jobs, campaigning, office jobs as well as front line cruelty prevention and animal rescue and rehabilitation.

Most animal charities are extremely busy places and they require staff who are passionate about animal welfare and have relevant training. We have developed several animal charity courses, designed to provide knowledge for people wanting to enter the animal charity sector, as well as for animal charity staff who are required to undertake CPD.

Animal Charities are funded entirely through donations from the public and they have to be managed efficiently in order to provide the best possible value for money whilst ensuring high standards of animal care and welfare. Animal Charities require managers and supervisors to oversee the entire charity as well as the various sections of the operation.

Animal Shelter Management Course

Level 4

Animal Shelter Management Diploma course Level 4

The Level 4 Animal Shelter Management Diploma course is an example of a course designed specifically for careers working in animal charity management. This is a 12 module course covering the care of the most popular companion animals including dogs, cats, small animals, reptiles and rabbits. The course also includes first aid, environmental enrichment, health & hygiene, handling & restraint and the subject of animal ethics.

Animal Shelter Management Course

Level 5

Animal Shelter Management Diploma course Level 5

The Level 5 Animal Shelter Management Diploma course is a follow on course for those who have completed the Level 4 Shelter Management Course. It has specific emphasis on effective rehoming, dog enrichment and training needs, small animal care and behaviour, cat behaviour and welfare as well as the subject of animal hoarding and how this impacts on animal shelters.

Rescue and Rehabilitation as well as Cruelty Prevention form an increasing aspect of the work carried out by Animal Charities around the world. Unfortunately, despite the efforts of many organisations, there is still a lot of animal cruelty and suffering and for this reason, there are a great many animal charities and many staff employed to deal with cruelty prevention and with the rescue, care, rehabilitation and rehoming of animals.

Cruelty Prevention Training Courses

The Animal Welfare Officer Diploma course and the Companion Animal Cruelty Prevention course are examples of 2 courses designed for careers dealing with cruelty prevention. The Animal Welfare Officer Diploma course (12 modules, set at Level 3), is designed specifically for Inspectorate and Animal Warden/Animal Welfare Officer careers. This type of work involves working with the public, education, animal rescue and pro-active cruelty prevention. The Companion Animal Cruelty Prevention course is designed for a variety of careers working in cruelty prevention and explores the links between animal cruelty and interpersonal violence. 

There are several front line animal jobs dealing with disasters affecting animals (man-made and natural), where animals require rescue and emergency assistance, there are also careers dealing with the stray and feral cat and dog populations in order to prevent suffering and control numbers and many charities deal with the trapping and neutering of stray animals, as well as the management of Animal Hoarding cases.  We offer courses as training specifically for working in these types of roles dealing with these complex and specialised animal welfare issues.

Emergency & Disaster Response, Stray and Feral Animal Management and Animal Hoarding Response Courses

There are several Animal Charities that don't run animal homes and instead work to campaign about the many animal welfare issues such as: Intensive farming, inhumane slaughtering, hunting, the exotic pet trade, dog fighting, international animal welfare problems, the overpopulation of unwanted companion animals, animals used for entertainment, etc. We offer an Animal Campaigning Diploma course for careers working for Animal Campaigning Charities.

Animal Campaigner Diploma

Rehoming Officer, Veterinary Receptionist, Pet Bereavement Counsellor, Animal Ambulance Driver are other examples of animal charity careers and here are some relevant courses:

Assistance Dog Trainer, Animal Assisted Therapist and Responsible Travel Planner

Other Animal Charity jobs include Assistance Dog Trainer jobs, Animal Assisted Therapy jobs and Responsible Travel Planner jobs, please click on the course links below for more information about these careers and relevant training

Working with rescue dogs in an animal charity is a popular career. We have developed a Dog Rescue Worker Certificate course, designed as a foundation/entry level course into this sort of work. 

Ensuring high standards of welfare for animals cared for by animal shelters is of great importance. The Companion and Exotic Animal Housing course and the Companion Animal Environmental Enrichment & Stress Reduction course are both designed for anyone working or volunteering in animal shelters wanting to ensure high welfare standards, lower stress levels and therefore more successful and higher adoption rates.

The Companion Animal Environmental Enrichment & Stress Reduction course and the Companion and Exotic Animal Housing Course are both 2 module Certificate courses.

We offer accredited Diploma and Certificate courses specifically designed to improve employment and career prospects. These courses are affordable and can be studied at the same time as working, volunteering or job hunting.

Animal Care and Welfare Courses (Levels 1 - 4)

There are many people who specifically want to work for an animal charity but don't know where to start or which type of animal they would most like to work with. The Animal Care and Welfare Diploma course, the Animal Care and Welfare Management Diploma course and the Animal Care, Welfare and Ethics Diploma course have been designed to provide relevant training for the animal care and charity/welfare sector. These courses contain information about companion animal care and completion results in an accredited Diploma that will enhance your job application.

We offer course discounts for to all charity staff, please contact us to discuss your training requirements

Animal Care, Behaviour and Welfare Courses

We have various other courses that deal specifically with the care, welfare and behaviour of dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, reptiles and wildlife. These care, welfare and behaviour courses are relevant for working for an animal charity working with a particular species, please click on the course links below for more detailed information.

In addition to all the above roles, Animal Charities also employ veterinary staff. We offer several veterinary courses, including the ABC Awards Animal Nursing Certificate.

Level 2 Animal Nursing Certificate for Animal Nursing Assistants

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